Thursday , February 25 2021

Njem pays Grossov, he has the first and the first star

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In order not to compare the young women from Jitka Pagan and her son Santas fem like Zdenk Pohlreich, you should be completely memorable. He should lose his British pedal in Pekeln's kitchen with Goddon Ramsay.

You looked at Yes, yes! how does a pub maker create a good cuisine? Then look at it Yeah, fove! Since she was ten years old with a feminine girl. Even Zdenk Pohlreich once saw that he even did not knock off the first.

If you drive mainly because Pohlreichs, who simply wants to destroy the humorous name, then you have a good time. fov is logically different.

Despite many years of experience, Jitka Pagana is well known in the restaurant business, but by herself. Her son Santo also runs her own restaurant and gives her experience during the journey around the world.

Jitka Pagana with operator pra

Jitka Pagana with the operator who transmits the company's ern cock.

The first mission was to capture the old-fashioned crack restaurant ern cock, which was found praskmzemanskm dvoe with a magnificent view of Prokopsk dol. The place is beautiful, but the operator does not have to pay 150 tisc, in the moon season and in the small kitchen. The person living here is subsidizing limited winter travel.

The kitchens with the perfect cuisine, which is the original profession, are so small that they are hoping for 350 small towns. According to the owner, in this case, according to Grosov, he should put in his pocket and build a kitchen that is ready for business, and he uses his dentistry.

Since it is so purple or shorts, because here it is not here, so please go to the ernu rook to stay in the winter rather than sit at the fireplace fireplace. Italian cuisine should be forgotten, it is not, Santo with Italian dogma condemned her without compromises.

Nothing to help with the fossil assemblies could eliminate the idea of ​​a first-star blow after climbing the Paganazdejkuchyn clan.

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