Sunday , February 5 2023

New mission New house: the groom died on a wedding day, had three children!


Miroslav Tōts and his fiancé Simon have gone through many. They both had to fight with fate. Their past marriages have collapsed, and they are tempted by one unfortunate relationship with each other. When they got to know each other, they seemed to find each other and finally they waited for true love.

Drahomir's daughter was born as a stamp of their relationship. The logical and emotional outcome of the business life stage was a wedding. On the big day everyone waited unexpectedly, but miserably, on the happiest day he became the loudest. Simona died on Miroslava's wedding day in a sudden heart failure. For the last couple of seconds, Miroslav promised to take care of his daughters.

She lives in the house with her two daughters and her youngest daughter whom she never knows. The audience for the new home missions will see on Wednesday at. 20:20 in November.

VIDEO: New home mission: groom died on wedding day!

Mission in a new home: the bridegroom died on a wedding day! TV Nova

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