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Mostecký soud fifth releases Governor's Klika deputy for an accident – Novinky.cz


The fourth Masters course lasted only 50 minutes. Judge Benno Eichler summarized his previous and repeated evidence and called for his last speech. The prosecutor demanded a Click for negligence and a 18-month warranty for one year for three years. According to him, the accused was under-managed, otherwise he would react better to the traffic situation on the road.

The defense demanded revenge on her client, as the accuser is her obviously damaged pedestrian who has nothing to do on the road. By this argument, the judge repeatedly agreed that the defendant was not a criminal offense. "The defendant had 1.4 seconds to answer, so he was virtually incapable of suffering an accident," Eichlers said to justify his verdict, against which the plaintiff appealed again. The judgment is therefore not final and the case will again be referred to the District Court.

The husband died on the spot

The accident occurred on February 5, 2013, after eighteen sides, on the main road I / 13 in the largest part. The hammerhead had no place in the road where two gas stations are located opposite the other. A forty-four-year-old man with 1.5 percent alcohol in his blood had to go first to another car. He got out of him and went to a gas station to buy another alcohol. If he did not sell it, he wanted to try the opposite side of the gas station. [celá zpráva]

When the road crossed, the Click Car collided with its left side. The husband died on the spot. "There was a wagon over our left lane, leaving behind the red lights, I suddenly saw the men's legs, I tried to pull the corners and prevent the collision. I did the most," he said in the discovery of the Klick process, claiming he was fully committed to driving and riding at a certain speed just before the tragedy. This was confirmed by a forensic expert, a click car running at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

Several courts

However, a prosecution or a regional court reiterates that the defendant has not adapted his behavior to the road situation. In particular, they blame him for not having responded adequately to the speed of the vehicle and the warning signals in front of him due to the stance of the pedestrian in the center belt. The hands had to reduce the speed to a minimum.

The first judgment in the case was heard in December 2015, when the Mestec County Court dismissed the prosecutor's office. However, the Regional Court quashed and gave the judgment the same reasoning. Most again was the release, with the fact that the act was not a crime. Then the prosecutor appealed again. The Regional Court later strengthened her. Third, the bridge court renounced the verdict in September last year, and the District Court again brought the case back to the court of first instance. The same process was repeated this year.

A clique is threatened by negligence from three years in jail. The defendant again emphasized on Thursday that he regrets the life of an unhappy person, but he is by no means guilty.

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