Wednesday , February 24 2021

Monika Absolon's first impressions after childbirth: what does Senior son Tadee say to his newborn brother? –

Monika Absolon became ten days before the planned date of the Little Mother's mother. But both are happy and healthy, so the happy newborn double mother is really relaxed and thanks all fans for their wishes and support words.

"Moc Girl! Originally, I wanted to take a picture of Matthew's foot because it's fashionable now. But I found it's much more intimate than this photo. Because, depending on the nose, you know the sheep and the legs too … "She attacked Monika's male dimension in the new-born Matthew's new photo.

As you can see, the singer and now TV Nova's manager still does not leave his famous good mood and a sense of humor. She even added a fun family story. "Everyone who has a brother experiences the same way as … My mother asked her after her first visit: So what kind of brother did she do? And then: Matthew? Well, eager and shouting," Monica shared with her parents' joy. Perhaps the family will continue to succeed, and next time Matus will show even a "nose".

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