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Marta Kubisova (76) was shocked by her brother's death: LEAVES HERITAGE!


Brother John, who lived as a theater background, emigrated in 1981 and lived in Canada for a long time. There, on November 19, the brain stroke died and divorced. He did not leave much of himself, but it is strange that he did not think of his sister in the vassal, not even the smallest.

Mysterious couple married

"It was a bit strange, but it is. Honza's last will was read by a lawyer on the phone and confirmed that he was right. Brother refers in vain to all his friends, the married couple with whom he lived in the same house," she said. with the fact that the married couple also informed him of the fraternity. "But three days after his death. And I was also warned that they lived in one house, not in a semi-detached house, as I thought, and that they had no house in half, but it was their own. It shocked me," the singer shook his head.

last bell

He won't have a legacy. "It is by no means! It is so weird. My last time I talked to my brother in November when he wanted my birthday. He didn't say anything, he claimed how good he was," Martha remembered. a picture of her brother writing about her will. "But that doesn't matter. It's terrible that two months have passed since the brother's death on Saturday, and I still don't know where he is and what he's with him. If they practice doctors or are cremated … I don't know anything, and I'm desperate, "said Kubisov.

He will not dare a long flight
The singer would like to go to Canada immediately. "I can't fly away. I wouldn't be able to travel that way, I know that," unfortunately, Marta Kubišová said her career ended with a heart and heart attack.

Waiting for death report
For a couple who lived with John in one house and informed about his death, Martha has a phone. A singer who wants to bury his brother in the Czech Republic with his mother and grandmother only communicates with lawyers, one Canadian and another Czech. Their advice required a long death report. "When I have it, I'll be wiser. But I'm still not," said Aha!

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