Wednesday , March 29 2023 does not change much for 2019, attracts TV customers

[ad_1] will increase promotional prices in the next year only a few formats, especially it's ready to go local ads or Skyscraper Homepage. However, in most formats, advertisers buy this year at the same price or even cheaper. The reason for keeping or even reducing prices in accordance with the List is the increase in the volume of advertising space in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year. Increased content consumption, new ad formats, and enhanced Display Network.

Along with the new price list, he posted it and conditions for timely purchases for the following year. "Our trading policy remains unchanged in 2019. By refusing some of our advertising positions, we want to reach as many advertisers as possible through the use of guaranteed banners and ads. Perhaps even those who have faced the recent increase in advertising on the television market. If advertisers order an advertisement in February among them, they can fully obtain the guaranteed area for 2019 as a whole, "said Martin Schwarz, Business Director of the company

According to Švarče, the direct sales trend will be the biggest trend in the next twelve months brand a non-standard formats. This year, has included several new formats, such as Mobile Square Premium, Interscroller and Native List, and has expanded its advertising network. is one of the largest internet advertising operators in the Czech Republic. Currently, its advertising reaches over three thousand partners and the network itself, with an average monthly reach of 6.8 million real users (according to Netmonitor research data). This year, it offered advertisers 15% more advertising space than the previous year. The percentage of professional content on the company's network today accounts for more than 95% of impressions. The largest increase in advertising demand is recorded on your website News list and the magazine

The price changes will take effect on January 1, 2019. As before, the company rely on regular market developments.


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