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Leclerc fell to Baku by qualifying Mercedes

Maxim Shemetov, Reuters

However, Leclerc took a lot of leadership in all Baku bypass trainings, but in the second part of the qualification he came to a dam at the castle tower and broke the right front wheel. So he did not interfere in the final race and was helped by the original eighth Antonio Giovinazzi penalty from Alfa Romeo for ninth.

"I am very disappointed. I have traveled well since Friday …" Leclerc said his unexpected technical problems were preparing for his first career victory in Bahrain. "I have to learn from it, but even so, I think we will be a decent race on Sunday," he said.

Bottas finished 1: 40,495 for the second half of the season and beat 59th Hamilton. Although Vettel was the only one who followed Leclerc in training, he didn't even endorse Ferrari's speed and left behind three-tenths behind Bottas. The fourth was Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

"Ferrari was very strong and Charles was accidentally thrown out of the game. But I got a good circle, so I'm happy and the team we're on," said Bottas. "It was tight and I hope the race will have the same speed as Valtteri, who is always working well," Hamilton added.

Mercedes is ideally positioned to attack the fourth double of the season. His riders dominated all three seasons, most recently Williams in 1992. Bottas won Australia and the subsequent Grand Prix in Bahrain and China was owned by Hamilton. If Mercedes dominated the Sunday race, it would mimic Ferrari's performance, which was the only one to win four first races in the 1952 season.

In addition to the Leclerc accident, Robert Kubica's accident that fell on the same site as the Ferrari pilot significantly extended his qualification. So the Williams team is not working well because the first Friday training was canceled after the second British rider George Russell damaged the open channel cover and the new entrant missed the second training session.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Qualification, Baku Formula 1 World Championship:
1. Bottas (Fin./Mercedes)1: 40,495
2. Hamilton (British / Mercedes)-0,059
3. Vettel (German / Ferrari)-0.302
4. Verstappen (Niz./Red Bull)-0,574
4. Pérez (Mex./Racing Point) t-1.098
6. Kvjat (Rus./Toro Rosso)-1.186
7. Norris (Brit./McLaren) t-1.391
8. Giovinazzi (It./Alfa Romeo) t-1.929
9. Raikkonen (Fin./Alfa Romeo)-2.573
10. Leclerc (Monday / Ferrari)without time.
Note: Giovinazine will lose 10 seats due to unauthorized engine replacement.

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