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is Android and update security for a good retirement. Nokia tests 5.3


Updates are one of the biggest cliffs in Android. They still work safely, but the new software version has a long way to go for most manufacturers. Even with very expensive models of thousands of kroner plates, for which one could expect their customers to receive extra money.

Of course, many users are not unhappy with the updating of smartphone software. But it should. In addition to new features and various small improvements, this new software means more security. Cyber ​​security is a big challenge today, making it the most important business. And first of all, their smartphones have Nokia features thanks to the update guarantee: this security is guaranteed for three years, most models will receive two updates to a completely new version of the system during their lifetime.

The unobtrusive Nokia 5.3, priced at around five thousand kroons, may even be one of the first devices to receive half of the introduction of Android 11. No one has ever introduced an update except Google and its Pixel. But Nokia 5.3 should get it by the end of the year. This is something that even the owner of the best smartphone from other famous brands may not get. It’s an Android pin phone, so some gave some advantages, and that’s why Nokia 5.3’s influx of competition dan td is a very interesting choice.

What needs to be updated?

Let’s move on to the same software. Nokia 5.3 from a different perspective in a certain price range with modest hardware: Snapdragon 665 and 4 GB RAM today are many competitors. However, a clean system without a lot of (often unnecessary) software in addition to the effort of various graphical functions means that the software is more compatible with the hardware, and Nokia 5.3 works beautifully without slowing down or slowing down. Over time, we navigate the system and at the same time offer a wide range of options tailored to the user’s needs: for example, you can choose gestures and traditional virtual buttons, there is a dark mode and other details that work a little more obvious on some androids.

Plush mnusy

To buy?

  • and Android
  • warranty update
  • solidn vdr batteries

Not to buy?

  • mountain sophistication
  • ni vkon
  • podprmrn degrees

When? For sale

About how much?5,399,000

Otherwise, in our opinion, Nokia 5.3 still belongs to a phone that will suit even slightly more intimate users. To put it simply, anyone who is thinking of a high-definition smartphone and wants to take advantage of its advanced features should at least first look in the price range of around five thousand kroons, where the device does not have much compromise. Yes, Nokia 5.3 has some dl, but it’s not dramatic.

How to compromise dl?

In addition to the power that your competitors can offer for a certain pension, this is a trade-off on display. If it’s an IPS panel in this price range, it’s dark because on a 6.55-inch flap, many would expect a slightly different resolution instead of 1600 x 720 pixels. So the fineness of the display is 268 pixels per inch, and it’s nothing big. Be careful, you can see it on the display, so whoever needs to look at it gently should look elsewhere. However, the user will not object to such a compromise and he will appreciate the fact that when playing games, it is distinguished by the stability of your performance and thus changes the battery. In the dark, however, the display may be brighter.

The internal user has a capacity of 64 GB, which is the value of an acre (but the competition can offer twice as much), essential features such as NFC, a fingerprint on the back of the phone, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a modern USB C connector. The camera has three eyes, but it is from a large amount of such promotional material as it is at the time. Both eyes are basically outstretched.

Stoj ten fok za nco?

It’s definitely fair for a certain price range, but you can’t expect any extra quality. And the truth is that there are also competitors whose quality is much better. In our opinion, the focus is not something that could deter customers from buying this Nokia. The main image resolution is 13 megapixels, which shows that it is not much of a magic software, such as Nokia 5.3 can not use the long popular pixel connection, ie connecting pixels.

This is most noticeable in a mode where the increase in quality is not limited to performance, which in this respect is simply a bit wrong on the smartphone. For some images, the quality decreases relatively quickly, the phone can be used especially in situations with brightly lit cities and dark surroundings (usually architecture), on the contrary, five in the room means a strong art start, color fading and created negative effects. In good lighting, but the images look nice, the Nokia 5.3 works with automatic HDR. But it is incorrect to be able to set the shooting parameter manually.

Dalm snmaem is wide angle, the 5 megapixel resolution suggests that it will not be very famous here. In good lighting, images can be used, but at any other time they are literally useless. There are also two eyes for nothing: two megapixels for a bokeh effect (which is still far from perfect) and a kind of two megapixels for macro shooting. In this case, the quality is tight, and it is definitely better to take a picture of the subject with the main focus and take it.

What about a vdr battery?

It’s worth it. Nokia 5.3 m battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which is such a solid diameter. Thanks to the different display resolution and good tuning system, it is very good, during normal operation it varies from one and a day to two and a little day. Charging here is not fast, but 10 W column power. Of course, there is no convenience like wireless.

Mm si she podit?

There is a lot of competition in the price category of about five thousand kroons. Various characters dominate here, especially Xiaomi spitting one model after another, and he is almost indifferent to it. The Nokia 5.3, priced at £ 5399, doesn’t look like a smartphone with any power / price ratio and yes, in terms of equipment and revenge behind competitors. But what is lost in the hardware, get fine-tuned software and the same Android with updates. For whom it matters, he may not find a better choice elsewhere that day. Perhaps the only competitor in this regard is Motorola, which for 5500 kroons will offer you a well-equipped Moto G9 Plus (Snapdragon 730 G, more memory, FullHD + display and 5000mAh flashlight) and thus promises stable access to updates (especially for security). .

According to our Realme 7, this week’s black power is 4,999 kroner in the basic version: it has stable performance, a better camera and a much better display (with a refresh rate of 90 Hz), but with updates it will be significantly higher. Xiaomi lk you on Redmi Note 9s for 5,599 crowns with vtm display with variable resolution, variable power and vt flashlight. For $ 4,800, you can also buy a Nokia with a small white Redmi 9, which is still small on top. An interesting price competitor could be the new OnePlus Nord N100, which should sell for 4899 kroons and a similar HD display as Nokia and a flashlight. At this time, Samsung valued the A21s model at six thousand kroner, even here the HD display is different and again has batteries instead of Nokia.

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