Sunday , February 28 2021

He and Jennifer abandoned StarDance. Never tell him that he is a dancer

Richard Jazer's dance partner Jānis Zelenkovs had to be cut on the sixth evening. He will not have to spend the whole day with a favorite comedian who, as you know, can not hold a moment without his bumps. Otherwise, it was not even during the Monday's interview.

It was there that Ginger showed why the fans of StarDance were sad that he had just left the final round. "Children, you dance, it's good for you. Though you do not go to thirty-eight, but it's good for you. Rosicky was enough, we want a new Harap's," said Gencers.

Ask if they are sad, they replied that it would be worse if the current one had fallen. He could not even answer the question of what was the worst thing about their StarDance. "StarDance was hardest to wake up on Sunday morning after the event," he also laughed at his dance partner Richard.

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At that point he grew at least to the other. "Then a minute before the direct transmission. And since I have a different time space in my head, I had an hour" allowed

No joke, he did not even ask what they would like to be for StarDance. "When we got out, I just wiped them off the phone. I do not want anyone to win." said Genzier, who compared the jury with Quadranch.

When it comes to it, Richard can become angry. There were two moments when Jan was surprised that she was fishing because she was not humane, and when she said that Richard had ever danced the disco. "Do we have legends in this industry, and you say, a disco? My whole life is trying a bit, and she summers it and says the dance of a disco. I want it to the grave. Here is a disk," he was angry at Džunger's eyes, seeing that he was touching him. For many years, he worked at the UNO dance group, whose members were Czech tops.

After you watch this conversation, you'll be clear. The weekend from StarDance was a joke. It can be saved by the moderator Marek Eben, whom Janner apologized for in an interview about his hint that he will wait for his mistake and return as moderator. Eben says he does not make mistakes and is expecting Tereza Kostkov to do that.

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