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Ford introduces a shopping cart that doesn't push anything –

Ford has recently wanted to present its technology with fresh, often absurd, but media-like. The latest in this category is the Self-Braking Trolley shopping cart, which you do not break between the shelves or the car park in front of the store.

For the first time, Ford has attracted a baby cot prototype that helped sleep the baby's car simulation. Of course, the manufacturer wanted to show how his cars are comfortable. Similarly, there was a dog shed with a silencing system. It was the technology Ford used in cars. Perhaps the funniest invention is a bed designed to prevent partner or partner repression. The car company has paid attention to the vehicle lane maintenance system.

Shopping cart with brake assist

Although Ford is presenting its future shopping cart as a serious product, it focuses again on the focus and solutions that manufacturers use in their cars. This time it shows activity Active Brake Assist Technologycalled "Pre-Crash Assistant".

Pre-Collison Assist is available on most Ford models. It uses a forward-looking camera and radar to detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road. If he encounters an obstacle, he first warns the driver, and if he does not react, he starts braking automatically.

Automaker claims that small children often love shopping in the shopping cart. However, there is a risk that the truck will come to a shelf or, for example, to a stationary car. That's why Ford comes with a sensor-equipped basket detects a possible collision in time and stops the truck.

An unconventional way of promoting

The idea is accompanied by an advertising space where troubled children in shops with shopping carts and clashes in fruit boxes or shelves. The middle of the video is a wheelchair cut and deployment that does not happen like that because it has a forward looking sensor and a brake that activates before the obstacle.

Already in the video, it is clear that Ford is using the same technology in its cars, where its job is to prevent a collision with a pedestrian or an obstacle. And that's exactly what is – explain customer technologythey can rely on this brand car in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Therefore, let's not predict that our supermarkets will have a shopping cart with a brake assistant, although this is not a completely absurd solution given the disruption of some customers. But we can surely praise the fun prototype and convenient corporate marketing.

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