Tuesday , June 6 2023

Farmer year after year. what we pay for apples


The summer season was an extract of fruit esk. The main apple cultures were high temperatures and drought. The apples do not have the required qualities. However, it does not appear on shelves. You will all fall under this Polish competition. Make sure you are looking for paths. Otherwise, a threat may occur.

Although apples were yawning last year and prices were high, the leothed season would be good. Apples are worth the price and the prices are low. Farmers have not suffered from frost or hail, but the temperament of their families showed high temperatures and drought. many people who for 40 years have not mentioned such a place in this area.

"In an orchard without an irrigation system where the trees only remove the drought coming from above, the apple size reaches no more than 50-55 millimeters, which means that the apples are not suitable for any processing because of the low prices or the manufacturing industry , "said the producer of CZ Fruit Jan Rig.

Ideln was not even rubbish, acid and sugar. Not only apples but also drought affected the production of toys and crayfish. Just as the Pope suffered from the lack of people who walk in the gardens. When you are nasbr in one smoked about 1200 and 1500 kilograms of apple, about them and big boxes

"Bohuel, for some of us, this year alone will fall into this situation, the fruits, the special apples, will not be harvested this year, and they do not have enough to harvest it," said Rabin.

A dog that grew up to this year's landlords could have expected a fall in prices. In the season of arrest, a kilo of apples weighs about 35 crowns, but the price has steadily decreased. "Wait in the crown with 20 kroons, and I'm talking about the highest quality apples, which means that the clover is on the prolapse," said Rajbr.

Thanks to the Polish harvest and policy, the price should be low and the amount of money. Sometimes I'm threatening to crash. So find other ways to stop apples. In recent years, selling pmo in gardens or warehouses has grown rapidly. While they sold around 10% of their families five years ago, last year they were almost 20%.

"This is very interesting for us, because we need to make pmo production without any other logistics elements, and I'm convinced that this is a matter of this particular fate, I would say that there is a twofold correspondence to the prices of both ns and him," added CZ Fruit Ridge Editor.

For other fruits, especially strawberries or strawberries, self-rumination, big apples, bullying and similar revenge. All trees if they are not harvested very well.

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