Thursday , February 25 2021

Facebook joined NIX.CZ in Prague

Petr Krčmář

Today Facebook (AS 32934) has joined the NIX.CZ peering node. According to the PeeringDB database, the Prague network is connected to 2 × 100GE. The talks took a long time, but because Facebook was able to join Bratislava, we hoped it would be a success in Prague, he says Adam Golecký, NIX.CZ Director.

The conversation about Facebook connectivity with the Prague Neutral Peer Center took place for several years, in 2016 the NIX.CZ director said in an interview. In April of this year, Facebook joined the Slovak NIX.SK a Jiří Lešek At the OpenCamp conference, the priority was given to ensuring availability in Prague. Of course, our goal is to join Facebook as soon as possible in Prague.

Facebook does not currently have routing servers in Prague and it is linked to other networks by mutual agreement. However, it was not initially related to route servers in Bratislava, and now they are located on them, which suggests that the procedure NIX.CZ will be similar. According to the PeeringDB database, Facebook has its own server in Prague, but it is connected to Bratislava from another node's leased line.

Creating a peer-to-peer network is essential for lowering and slowing down the network, which is less dependent on transit operators and offers users a shorter response. Network operators can then directly connect to the neutralizing unit's land without the need for commercial transit services. More articles Short introduction peering or how works NIX.CZ.

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