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DNSSEC – Security Domains

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Want to make sure that your domain does not become an attacker and fake site targets? Want your users to provide the best possible security? Do you know which domain has the most success in the security field? See what the Czech domain is and what is DNSSEC.

DNSSEC and the Czech domain popularity

The Internet is a big thing that is so widespread and desirable, and it is used by so many people all over the world, and there are so many computers and other connected devices that security is at stake and is still needed to work. The Internet is a relatively common attack object that then misuses other user data and other data to enrich or devalue information and so on.

Therefore, we must think that our Czech domains belong to those who are familiar with their security and trust. The Czech domain is also one of the first to start using DNSSEC security since 2008.


The Czech domain administrator is the CZ.NIC association, which also strengthens DNSSEC's security.

And what exactly does DNSSEC do?

First of all, DNSSEC is a DNA extension. This is especially true because DNS serves as a domain name system that is implemented with DNS servers and supports the exchange of information. The exchange of information takes place by entering a domain name (Internet name) in the browser, and DNS converts this name into several numerical codes known as the IP address. The problem that takes only a few seconds for the system, but for translating and searching information, there is enough to fake the false IP address.

Just like DNSSEC technology is used to protect against false domains. This system works on the principle of asymmetric cryptography, ie, encryption and decryption.

If you want to register a Czech domain, this can be done using the selected registrar. A list of suitable recorders can be found under CZ.NIC. So, in choosing, the role is also played by whether the registrar also provides the DNSSEC.

Maybe the registrar and TELE3 provide this security as well as many other Internet and telecommunication services.


These include services such as web hosting, server hosting and DNS hosting services, SEO hosting, FTP hosting, multi-server deployment and deployment, server monitoring, virtual servers, backup, server management and service, VoIP voice services and much more.

As far as security is concerned, TELE3 uses both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and uses servers to increase security and use different TLD domains. Therefore, the DNA is located not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the USA and Germany, creating a high-quality layout that prevents potential attacks.

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