Tuesday , May 30 2023

Coalition led by US forces Sri. Most civilians the world


Damaek / London Pinejmenm thnct civilian died on Saturday at Sri's entrance to the US-led international coalition air traffic controlled by the Islmsk stt (IS) terrorist organization controlled area. The AFP agency, referring to the Syrian People's Front Alliance (SOHR), told the situation in the wilderness of the country. The Coalition was not the first.

a civilian who was killed died in the coalition of Hadin, Ssa and a-af coalition, said Ram Abdar Rahmn, head of SOHR. Each location is located in Dyr and Zaur. According to Rahmno, the balance may rise or the number of injured is in his state.

Apart from civilians, according to the SOHR, nine Islamic Islmsk died.

The landlord's terrorist IS group lost its land in Ireland and Srira. Sriban had a dowry and half of the land, in Ireland a teut. At the same time, the boundaries and remnants of the two countries are first in Dajr-Zaur province near the border.

According to current estimates by the United States-led international coalition, 2000 IS fighters are fighting around Hadna.

The international coalition said that radical Islamists in Sri Lanka and Iran killed over 1100 civilians in 2014.

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