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CADKON + 2019 – An innovative, intuitive, professional CAD software

Date: November 14, 2013 | Organization: GRAITEC s.r.o. | Firemn flax

We are going to Vs the new version of CADKON + 2019, which in many ways will be a milestone. We have worked hard at speed, creating new functionality not only for the general CAD system, but also for the construction, reinforced concrete and TZB profession. We present our first series of news on the CADKON + 2019 homepage.

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News CADKON + 2019: speed, speed and speed

Video speed, vista, copy and switch to typical 2019 version.

CADKON +: Zoom, Drag Draw, Element Element, Cobblestone, Slide Elements … These are some of the most advanced CAD CAD features. And first of all here you will be honored with the new CADKON + 2019 version.

Accelerated version 2019 versus 2018 version:

  • + 48% of the property
  • + 42% Shift Elements
  • + 50% Vbr element

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v & # 2013265933; as the speed in the 2019 version


New CADKON + 2019: semi-finished and bulk product – bubbles

Video material from the news release in the 2019 half-year version.

CADKON +: Automatically check and synchronize bubbles in drawings with the CADKON bubble bag library. Drain or library waste is eliminated with the drawing and it is possible to immediately use the bubble stream from the existing drawing.

  • Adding a product to a bubble is part of a new drawing. Waste is needed either in front or in the library.

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V & # 2013265933; to polo & amp; # 139266110; metal & # 139265921; n & # 2013265933; 2019 version


New CADKON + 2019: Brand new point editor – Mtext editor

Video editing text for mst version 2019.

  • The new text is automatically edited in the text box (content is not in the dialog box). When editing Mtext, you can see the text and its format.
  • When you select Mtext, the tape context is automatically displayed, which contains all the necessary functions for formatting and editing Mtext.
  • New function for transferring Mtext from small psma to large and opaque.

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what & # 2013265933; as new <2013265929; its editor in the 2019 version


New CADKON + 2019: city descriptions

2019 City News Update Video.

  • For the first time, the city has the right place in the drawing and its colorful courage.
  • Throughout the description you can move quickly with a flat surface and zoom in.
  • Descriptions of descriptions in descriptions in the list descriptions can be selected in the drawing even when the function function is complete. This can be done using such CAD support.
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  • what & # 2013265933; what & # 2013265933; & # 2013265933; 2019 version
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