Monday , October 3 2022

Burned Tyin's friend spoke: the servant sat down at the table when …


If you see him on Victor Hayek Street, you do not even know that he was sleeping with a second degree burn in fifteen per cent of his body in an Istanbul clinic a few weeks ago. His face is completely healed, and he is already fully working.

The Hajecek opening ceremony for a modern Mi Store in the Czech Republic provided an open interview on what happened in Turkey and how she would have an impact with her famous partner.

"You're still at a hospital, because it's more of a body surface than mine. As you see, everything has cured me. We assume that Tina will be too soon," she said. acknowledged us in an open interview, Haječek, who himself burned fifteen percent of his body.

"I had a burning neck and face. Men only recover faster than women," says favorite partner youtuberky. We also asked if it was true that Kristin had to undergo several operations.

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"This is a big deal, she did not do an operation. This procedure is carried out using a variety of specialized creams. As a result, it should be the same as me," He explained to us who is already back in the Czech Republic, but he regularly flees from his love.

"I followed her every other weekend for three to four days. We spent our last birthday together and, as we expect them to be home by the end of the month, we will spend together Christmas together" The wonderful businessman who told us at the end of the interview described the moment of burning, although he did not like to remember, told us a joyous message.

"We did not sit at the bar. We went to the table, and as we got to, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We had never found a fire. It was a bad match." Hajicek added.

They arrived at the hospital to apologize to the famous chef Nusret Gökce, on behalf of Salt Bae, to claim high financial compensation, which cost expensive treatment, and what are the limitations now? This and much more open video chat.

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