Sunday , June 4 2023

After the explosion, Pribram's apartment had a flame, three injured helicopters


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The fire hit one apartment in a four-story building. The fire station is nearby, so they intervened almost immediately. "Shortly before 6:00, we were told about a fire in an apartment unit. There were three tanks on the site," said Jaroslav Gabriel, a representative of the Central Bohemian firefighter, on

During firefighting, firefighters continued to work quickly. They were under control for about ten minutes, and the total disappearance lasted three quarters of an hour.

According to Gabriel, three men were injured in a fire. "They handed them to the medical rescue service that arrived just as quickly. She also called the helicopter."

Subsequently, firefighters checked adjacent housing units if the fire did not know beyond. It ended negatively, other apartments remained intact, and the entire home statics was not disturbed. However, the flames destroyed part of the plane in which the fire broke out. "By the time the explosion took place, the window fills the street," Gabriel said.

News reports about the evacuation of neighboring apartments did not have a fire brigade representative. "The mayor of the city is on the spot. We are not engaged in extraordinary accommodation, and we do not have the news that people will get out. So, given that the hit was quick, there was no longer a restriction on other residents' housing," Gabriel said.

According to the spokesman, the damage amounted to 100 thousand crowns. The cause of the fire is still being explored.

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