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About 10 years younger: if a marriage is tired, radical changes are needed


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They met seventeen years ago when Dan had two young daughters. He later gave birth to a son, and a small Misa, whose mother is Danish's eldest daughter, was taken to torture, after some time she joined the family table.

"We did not even know what to do," remembered Dana. "They called me out of social welfare if I assumed it for myself. Otherwise, he would go to the children's home." They both love children, but their relationship is over. "It was better intimate," complained Vladimir. "We had more time to spare. Now we have a small contraceptive because"

A tired husband admitted that he had a communication problem, because the Danes had no energy for her husband for childcare. She hoped the two-week separation would help her to comply with her order, and she would wait for Vlady. "I can not do without her. I love her so much," Danin said in a conversation.

At first she was expecting the first major exam. Like they had, they had to go to the glass showcase in the business center and then listen to the passers-by comments.

"He's been like 50 years old, just like my father, his style is such an outdated, farmer, farmer. Probably a tractor. It's a shame, maybe he likes to be a handsome guy, but if he does something about it, then the females will come back again, "so they appreciated Vladimir (43).

Even Dan (39) did not succeed. "Woman acts so much with me that she is not too much, even with the spiritual. She probably had some kind of stress, she seems to be fifty-five. She does not use cosmetics, it's better for her hair. Something between 45 and 50 is such a gray mouse. "

Vladimir and his transformation

The tired person's transformation guarantees were the aesthetic dermatologist Marta Moylova and personal fitness trainer Ladislav Jenčík. Vladimir himself was curious how he could manage two weeks of separation from his wife and children. "Let's see when it comes to me," he thought.

The first step to Vladimir's new life and appearance was the traditional body analysis and interview with nutritionist. He stated that Vladimir had a little more abdominal fat than usual, and the metabolic age was almost fifty. He suggested that he use a good muscle mass and move regularly while maintaining the prescribed diet.

Although Vladimil has problems with his back and after two operations on the plate, he was waiting for the gym, but for health he could not put as many coaches as he originally thought. "I am very excited," Vladimir said, the movement is part of his transformation.

After a visit to a dentist who had replaced his fingers at the front teeth so he could laugh at laughing, Vladimir was surprised the next day. He and his wife went to dance, so she planned dance classes with a pleasing dancer. "I have never seen such a beautiful morning," Vladimir smiled.

Vladimir, when he came to the studio

Vladimir, when he came to the studio

Eyelids, a botox and a new dress

As far as beauty treatments are concerned, it was expected not only skin regeneration and sprains on the face and neck, but also lower and upper eyelid surgery and injections of botulinum toxin. "I had it. It was my habit, but I think I'll be happy," said Vladimir after the clinic visit.

Shortly after the surgery, he was rewarded. Visit Bohemians at the Prague Football Club, which is a great fan. He also met the players from whom he won the shirt. "It's a lifetime experience," he said.

Vladimir never gave much clothes, and his style was more wives. According to the stylist's hands, he became a young man. He had a lot of fun talking about tanning and recognizing that he had good feelings in the patterns he was wearing. At the end of the study, the nutritionist received praise. Gone had two pounds of fat and the metabolic age dropped to 42 years.

And who should his wife change? "Give me a kiss when I come home. Spend time with me, talk or walk," said Vladimir, his modest wishes. Earlier they said that they liked to go for dinner, sometimes some flowers … But with the care of children, after Vladimir, it fell. "Now I would say that we are at a stage that we lack. And I can not imagine that we will end our relationship. It's just about the basis to talk more," he added.

Z, Tractors "

When the great final came, Vladimir did not hide his nervousness, although he admitted that he was in the new body and in his expressive suit. "I can not talk at all, Vladimir, it's amazing, he's a film actor," the guy did not hide his guards, Dr. Moidl

Vladimir (43) and his wife applied for a 10-year-old exhibition to solve ...
Vladimir felt great in his new image

Vladimir before and after the change

"Well, it's a change! I do not have a word, I did not expect anything like that," said Vladimir himself, who not only lost weight and strengthened the figure, but also stopped smoking. Thanks to the new style and hairstyle, it cleans and manifests itself in the new energy in life

The advert from the showcase was different at the same time. "It's sporty, elegant, I'd say she would be about forty. Simpathy, he's got a nice smile, very preserved, about forty." Head of the bank. "

Vladimir wondered how much he had changed in two weeks

Vladimir wondered how much he had changed in two weeks

Dana and her transformation

The guarantors of the thirty-nine-year-old tired mother from the family conversion were hair stylist Michaela Boháčová and plastic surgeon Andrei Sukops. She most of all thought she was able to divide her two weeks from her children and her husband. "I will miss, but I think this break will help us," she thought.

When she visited a nutritionist, she found she had a lot of muscle mass, but her body fat was slightly higher than normal. However, if he moves and diets, he should fall quickly. "I have learned four children, I can do it," thought Dana.

And because she wanted to lose weight, she was waiting for a visa. "After birth I was about 90 pounds, thanks to the workout, I dropped 20 pounds, and then I lifted something up again. So now I have 76 pounds, at least ten should down it," she said.

The distinction from her husband was better than separation from the children. "We got into it together and we could get together," thought Dana. "I would like to call children, but now I do not care what happens to Vlada," said a woman who had been so gentle for two weeks and thought about her relationship.

During the procedures that led to the change, there was an alarming time. Perhaps a dentist, where they found some caries and also exchanged some crowns.

Dana and his guarantor, plastic surgeon Andy Sukops

Dana and his guarantor, plastic surgeon Andy Sukops

To her sad, she received a gift from Dana – a coupon for free. She taught trampolines, snowboarders, tried freestyle jump on a molitant circle and was excited. "I'm terribly away, these adrenalin cases," she admitted. "We usually sit at home or go for dinner."

They ate on her aesthetic clinics, removed them from her face, provided skin regeneration and treatment for botox. But even more change awaited Dan's plastic surgery. There, doctors carry out the abdominal part of the abdomen, which was allowed after three gestation of the pregnant and thigh and thigh fat. Only the plastic breast surgeon refused to understand that they were perfect.

Need to change the style

And because the new writer needs a new wardrobe, Dana began to get acquainted with the stylist Philip Vanek. She admitted she likes a sporty and comfortable outfit when she and her husband go somewhere and decide on the dress. "Dana dressed classically, like most of the Czech girls who gave it a little," the stylist said. "They prefer peace before they look good." That's why Dana chose other pieces than she used to be.

"I was surprised at the size that it came up with," said Dana, although the stylist continued to criticize. "The position he hid in his jacket, simply loses all femininity."

Hair stylist Michaela Boháčová Dana heard her have a lot of damaged and chemically damaged hair. "She can see that she cares for her by color," she added, adding that her hair should be cleaned and thoroughly cut. "Dana wear them, I will try to highlight her face and emphasize femininity," she added.

At the end of the exam, Dana acknowledged that she had not fully met all the suggestions. However, weight and fat decreased, and the metabolic rate decreased from 37 to 30 years. "During these fourteen days I've learned a lot to correct," said Dana after the end of the transformation. "It's very important to talk. I have not died yet, so I hope the flame is once again a husband. I love her even after 17 years."

Dana (39) joined her husband 10 years younger to solve ...
After a change it was a good thing

Dana before and after the change

I do not know the street

And then there was a great final. "But you're really beautiful," said enthusiastic moderator Monika Absolon. "And I have never done this to you. You're completely different," added the plastic surgeon. Even the hair stylist was excited: "It's wonderful!"

"No, it's not me," Dana shone at the mirror where she first saw. And when Monika asked her what was the biggest change, she said: "In general, the character, clothes, hair, teeth … If I got to the street in this way, I do not know that."

In the showcase, she finally heard more pleasing judgment. "I think about thirty. She looks new, very nice. I would have taken the driver to the hotel. He works very well and he can see that he takes care of himself."

Dana said she would not have met her when she met on the street

Dana said she would not have met her when she met on the street

But the culmination of the whole process was not only physical change, but also what happened with the relationship between Dana and Vladimir. When Dana leaps down the stairs, her husband could not catch his eyes. "It's so nice to her," he said with enthusiasm about his wife, who immediately raised his hands.

"This is a boy I ever married," she praised Dan Volod's transformation. And both of them agreed that they had come to the important things – they thought each other a little and did not change anything. Finally, they are women and men forever.

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