Tuesday , October 4 2022

2 million crowns were stolen from the state thieves: the businessman discovered a girl's photo


For more than hundred mobile toilet robberies on Tuesday, two men in Düsseldorf, West Germany, were sentenced to six and ten months in prison with a relative delay.

DPA said. Buckets with a total value of 70 thousand euros (CZK 1.8 million) were gradually shaken from the waste disposal site in the landfill.

Both convictions have found that mobile toiletries have been sold through an intermediary in the Netherlands. Buyers even came to see them in Düsseldorf. That toilet disappears, the owner noticed in a few months.

Their photos were discovered on the Internet – they were directly taken to his place of business and found a daughter. In the forest there are only three of the missing cabins. Both employees have lost their jobs and will have to pay a loss.

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