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Relatives, politicians and relatives gather to dismiss Teodoro Petkoff


3 November 2018 11:41
Updated: November 03, 2018 12:23 AM

Relatives, friends, politicians and relatives gathered this Saturday in the eastern cemetery to give Last Wish to Teodoro Petkoff, who died at age 26.

"He lives in Venezuela, who is an exemplary for the new generations and has lived up to his principles, defended his or her verticality and courage, and filled the pedagogical function of leaders," he said. VivoPlay.

Father José Virtuoso handed the prayers to the burial of the Venezuelan economist and journalist. Pink water on Petkoff's coffin.

"He was a person who did not have the trouble to talk to everyone and he was looking for meeting points (…). During his career, he met other people but always recognized people with respect and recognition that I lived with them despite the different thinking," said Xabier Coscojuela, editor of the newspaper That's what.

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