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"Zoo" – a festival that goes beyond electronic music standards – Cali – Colombia


Over the years, Cali has become a stage in which music has begun to shine with greater force, and not only is salsa dedicated to conquering the most demanding ears.

For example, electronic music has gained an important place in the heart of Kali, so that international festivals have held the best events in the valley capital.

One of these events is the "Zoo", a party that is never surprised, and it reaches the fifth version in 2018.

The idea was born from six entrepreneurs who are trying to retrieve the city's electronic music scene with the arts, the academic world, responsible consumption and, above all, love for animals.

Affecting the most significant international events, the Zoology was born in Cali by awarding a "celestial affiliate" show that has nothing to envy European, American and Argentinean musicians.

The festival

In its fifth version, artists from the national stage will take part, such as Daniel Chica, Noreña, Brigante, Fatbastrd; and with outstanding techno, technology and home-based international players, Paco Osuna, Kobosil, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Fabio Florido and Zendi.

In addition to the music component "Zoology" is an academic program with seminars, workshops and discussions on electronic music that will literally include its members in a new role at the level of art and entertainment buildings.

Academic and cultural agenda will be held on Saturday, November 10, at day 6AN a. 24N-16, where Daniel Gomez from "Outter Space Sounds" and Carlos Benedetti from "Voodo Mambo" will voice their voice to consolidate knowledge from this genre of music

CWith allies like the Spiwak Hotel and the Corazón Gatuno Foundation, this show will create new surprises by promoting the creation of the city in the area of ​​electronic music.

The festival

The meeting will take place next Sunday, November 11th, in La Dolores, Green area, on the road connecting Cali to Palmyra, from 3 afternoon.

On the occasion of the event, beer will be donated for consumption at the feast to every person who receives two kilos of meals, this collection will be delivered to the Corazón Gatuno Foundation.If you'd like more information, you can contact the mobile phone: 300 895 0162 or the social network: https://www.facebook.com/thezoocali/

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