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What are the days that have passed? A brief overview will be explained – Video Games – Technology

When its premiere took place, in October 2010, the Walking Dead picked up zombie stories (a term that is not actually used in the series), and gave it to reveal a revival of the theme that has placed extremely original works. Shaun's pride of pride and prejudice and zombies on the train to Busan.

Under the same conditions, each new property expanded the narrative and creative possibilities of living dead. In video games, perhaps, the quality is not as homogeneous, but each name as Dead Island and BlackSoul is Resident Evil 2 and Decay 2.

It is clear that the producers of Days Gone, the exclusive PlayStation 4 title, Bend Studios, were not interested in being promoted with their originality. But while it has been worth not only a few criticisms of this type of game, the truth is that the neoriginal – which is undoubtedly – does not reduce its impact, its ability to entertain and excite.

The first thing is the story we follow in Deacon St. John, a veteran from Afghanistan who goes everywhere on a motorcycle in a post-apocalyptic landscape where people have been destroyed by freaks who cannot distinguish between pedestrians, lurers, zeta and any other more or less inventors who have chosen to call them.

The game begins with Deacon, who sends his badly injured wife to Sarah's army helicopter, hoping he will get medical help. The general name tells us two years in length, and now "Deek" travels to what was in the Northwest Pacific from the United States with William & Boozer & # 39; Gray, his best friend (who we've missed, his best friend, actually, it's your motorcycle).

Although it was initially just a simple mission focused more on the compression of combat mechanics, it is becoming more and more intense, like the zombie casualties, I say freakers, they increase until they are true hordes, the biggest and most challenging feature of the game.

In those days, Gone refers to the best aspects of sagas as Assassin's Creed. The map is wide and full of interesting points, where threats are often more people than zombies. As Deacon becomes more skillful and powerful, his abilities allow him to face challenges that would be unimaginable in previous stages.

Days Gone refers to the best aspects of sagas like Assassin's Creed

Unfortunately, the character does not show up with its skills. Deacon is a cruel guy and is subject to outbursts of anger. Although it can be said that these qualities are not found in a world that left the drain, it is difficult to understand. This can only be achieved with a mission requirement that sometimes leads to what has been achieved in titles like Horizon Zero Dawn or The Divison 2.

And, of course, there is also a schedule that largely reflects most of the days gone technical advances in presenting Oregon landscapes in a wild atmosphere that offers quite reliable quality. That is, after all, it is possible that criticism would not have been so harsh if Days Gone had been launched on another platform. However, Sony is asked, especially in the exclusive titles, for a level of excellence that requires more than formulas. It takes life, and it's something hard to find at the freakers end.


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