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Vsalud: measles outbreaks are controlled, but they must be vaccinated with Vsalud: measles outbreaks are controlled, but they must be vaccinated by UNIVERSAL

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Although clear work has been done between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Antonio Sagbini, Director of District Health Administration (Dadis); and Health Policy Secretary Verena Polo; In a vaccination strategy to fight the outbreak of measles and rubbish in the city, you can not lower your guard, and therefore you again and again demand that the vaccine be used.

Even the Ministry of Health and Social Security has changed the vaccination scheme to control the outbreak by allowing children between the ages of six and 11 months to access the vaccine called "zero dose", which does not mean that it skip the vaccine to be applied to the vaccine. old year

"Although we work well, and this is a controversial work between the National Health Institute, the ministries, departments and districts, we need the media to help promote vaccination for all people and children who are vaccinated, but we work well and that is something which is seen by people, "said Iván González Ortiz, Deputy Minister of Health.

According to data from Dadis, up to now, 67 approved cases of measles in the city have been approved. Although this figure is rising, the Health Portfolio official said that "we must always compare what would happen if we did not do anything. We have a controlled outbreak and we are better off than predictions, but we can not get tired of requiring vaccination, because if that would not have been done, it would be very serious. "

It is important to clarify that the problem is being solved but not eliminated, so the strategy has been model implementation and results. The Panamanian Health Advisor (PAHO) arrived in the city to continue the work done to fight the measles outbreak in Cartagena and Bolivar.

"Child protection is from mother and father, the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health offers a free vaccine. Therefore, we call on you by November 30, all children from six months to five years have been vaccinated in Cartagena and received at least one vaccine dose at a health facility," stressed by Desiree Pastor, advisor to the PAHO region from Masu and Masalin.

This call is another option for children to protect against measles virus if they come in contact with a sick person.

"Cartagena has a very high level of vaccination at the end of the year, scheduled for 95%, which is very important to prevent the virus from circulating in any part of the city," said a medical epidemiologist.

Emergency plan
A contingency plan was launched from November 13-30 this month to reach the goal of "zero dose" against measles in the area.

"We will reach the goal of reaching 12129 zero doses by November 30, 2009. PAHO will support us with more talent and we have contacted educational institutions such as the Red Cross," said Antonio Sagbini, Dadis Director.

Likewise, vaccination teams will be increased by 30 Red Cross people who will be added to the 80 vaccines that were already there, totaling 110.

It should be noted that on November 9, 2108, 6,610 doses were applied to zero, 51.6% of children aged 6 to 11 months were vaccinated.

This means that the 6302 zero doses are missing to reach the target and 394 daily doses should be applied from November 13 until November 30. There are 63 team extramural exercises and 65 institutional vaccination points for a total of 128 teams.

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