Thursday , March 30 2023

This is the situation in the U-17 Women's World Championship in Colombia


The European champion, Colombia's national 1-1 draw against Spain, allowed him to maintain the mathematical ability to raise the U-17 Women's World Cup in Uruguay.

Now and after losing 3-0 to Canada on the first day, they will have to close the group against South Korea, which has already been eliminated by losing their duels with Spain (4-0) and Canada (2-0). .

Meeting with Asians will be held on Wednesday. 12.00, when the commitment of Spain and Canada will depend upon.

North Americans with 6 points are already insured in the next round. That is, they can afford to turn the wage and lose.

For the Spaniards who add 4 units, it's enough to tie a goal to reach the goal they were about to play against coffee machines, but they were surprised by experienced and strong players who showed why it is the current most recent category of newly formed South America.

The resignation of Canada will leave the Iberians until Colombia is committed to reaching a multi-purpose agreement with Korea. The European team has 4 wicket difference, but those who run Didier Luna present -3 in this position.

This is then the panorama of the tricolor team, which is already in the Colony del Sacramento, the last day's headquarters.

"We will try to make another good presentation at this World Championship, lottery with Spain has moved very well into the group," said Caracol, coach Luna, who could once again rely on Andrea Pérez, lI have to pay the penalty date.

So far and before the morning session with the Danish, Japanese, Mexican, South African, Brazilian, Finnish-Uruguay-Ghana and New Zealand duels, Ghana and New Zealand, Group A and Canada, to D.

B, Japan and Mexico have a small advantage over Brazil and South Africa, while C has even 3 points (see Table).

And in the Columbia Square, there is a square in the tournament, which so far records 43 goals averaging 2.7 per game.

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