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These are the ten best-selling cars in Colombia in 2020


Chevrolet Onix.  / Chevrolet Colombia.
Chevrolet Onix. / Chevrolet Colombia.

Although the first months of isolation were particularly severe for the national automotive industry, the industry has managed to raise its head. According to data published by the National Federation of Traders Fenalco in collaboration with the Colombian National Business Association of the Andes, car sales are constantly growing to approach last year’s level.

It is sufficient to compare the very poor figures in April (217 units sold), May (8920) and June (11 961) with those in October (20 858), but especially in November (22,330) that the difference in monthly sales in 2019 is starting to narrow below two digits with a difference of only 6.7%.

Great achievement, also considering that the industry reached these figures excluding the Bogota International Motor Show, which was scheduled for November 4-16 and that, according to historical tradition, it tends to double that month’s sales compared to the previous year, because we remember that it is a two-year event.

However, although the outlook shows a steady revival, the industry remains unreliable. After all, the 161,537 units sold so far this year continue to fade to 232,659, which was registered by the same period last year. The challenge will be even greater if we take into account that more than 30 000 vehicles were sold last December.

However, the industry remains optimistic, with a list of best-selling vehicles showing a Trend of Colombian vehicleswhich tends to be friendlier in the pocket. In this regard, we offer below ten of the best-selling cars in Colombia so far in 2020:

1. Chevrolet Onix (7571 units)

2. Renault Duster (7275 units)

3. Renault Kwid (6,301)

4. Renault Stepway (5,594)

5. Renault Logan (5,560)

6. Renault Sandero (5.152)

7. Kia Picanto (4629)

8. Chevrolet Beat (4,557)

9. Mazda CX-30 (4,381)

10. Mazda 2 (3,747)

The general list has many similarities to the November ranking, which is organized as follows:

1. Renault Kwid (1,164)

2. Renault Duster (1073)

3. Renault Logan (967)

4. Mazda CX-30 (907)

5. Chevrolet Onix (841)

6. Renault Stepway (762)

7. Renault Sandero (642)

8. Chevrolet Beat (579)

9. Kia Picanto (525)

10. Volkswagen Gol (473)

Other data from the Andi and Fenalco report showed that five Colombian favorite brands so far in 2020 These are Renault (34,938), Chevrolet (28,605), Mazda (13,447), Nissan (12,337) and Kia (10,873).

In addition, it is shown that the desired segments of the national territory these are Automobiles models, selling 72,126 units, followed by an SUV with 56,518. Behind them are pickups with 11,219 and trucks with 6,666.

Finally, it shows it the public transport and freight sectors are also slowly recovering. In Colombia, 6,112 trucks, 2,933 taxis, 2,164 buses, 672 vans and 448 minibuses were sold this year.

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