Monday , March 8 2021

The prosecutor's office is right and disqualifies the manager of TripleA de Barranquilla – Investigación – Justicia

This week, the Prosecutor General made a strong ruling against Inassa's unregulated payments to expeditions to aquaculture, stool sewer and toilet Barranquilla, TripleA.

Millionaire penalty The prosecutor's office fined the former TripleA, Ramón Navarro Pereira, paying 33 332 million pesos. and disqualified her for 12 years to become a public figure.

Similarly Julia Margarita Serrano, who is another from the exdirectivas, was punished with a payment of 2140 million pesosand six years disqualified as a public post.

Under certain conditions, almost 36 billion pesos, which are intended under certain conditions, will go to the Triple A treasury to compensate for the damage.

According to the file, between 2000 and 2017, allegedly fraudulent payments were found using the "technical assistance contract" they would have caused patrimonial harm of two hundred and thirty-six thousand eighty-fifty-three-million seven hundred ninety-six thousand five pesos ($ 236,853,796.005).

The contract dates from September 4, 2000, when Inassa and Triple A SA agreed to provide 4.5 percent of the monthly collection of sewage, water and sanitation services in exchange for possible assistance in commercial management, operational, administrative and technical.

The scandal comes from Spain

Some of those involved in the triple A burial of Barranquilla are based in Spain, including Edmundo Rodríguez Sobrino, Head of Inassa, Barranquilla business owner and subsidiary of Spain's Canal Isabel II parent company.

In September, the Attorney General's Office began investigating Rodriguez as a Triple A board member to explain the 28,000-million-pseudo deviation from the company.

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