Sunday , February 5 2023

The last Don Ramon scene would have predicted his death on Film and Television


Opportunity or object? This is what many people ask when they find out that the last show of Ramón Gómez Valdés, known as "Don ramons"in El Chavo del 8I would have predicted his death.

This amount owes to Don Ramon Barrigas

New claims suggest that an actor who suffered from cancerous cancer predicted his death by recording a scene in the pantheon where it disappeared.

The worst news about Quico

Don Ramons captures scenes from the series Oh, Kvico! despite the end of his illness. Carlos Villagrán explained: "Don Ramon is about to look for Quico, he enters the pantheon with a mist effect, he is lost in a joke, and he cuts, he stays in. That was his last scene."

Finally! knows what might be the mother of Chavo del 8

Don Ramon died on August 9, 1988, after fighting over stomach cancer for more than 5 years, which led to his addiction to tobacco.

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