Friday , March 5 2021

Supreme Court sentenced Wilmer González Brito-Cortes-Justicia to governor of La Guajira, 10-year-old prisoner

The Court of First Instance condemned Wilmer González Brito for electoral corruption.

La Guajira has six processes available to steal public resources

Wílmer González Brito, Governor of La Guajira, was sent to prison this week.


Mauricio León / EL TIEMPO



November 13, 2018, at. 15.53

The court ordered the former governor of La Guajira Wilmer González Brito to sentenced to more than 10 years' imprisonment, accusing him of electoral corruption.

The Supreme Court ruled that he was responsible for crimes bribery, corruption in sphragan, fraud in the document and fraud in the procedure; crimes committed during his campaign in government in 2016.

According to evidence against him, Brito, who won 99,117 votes, offered markets, tiles, cement, craft materials and even goats, so that rural areas with low education and small economic resources could vote for the then candidate.

Against Brito, who had not arrived at the hearing A warrant was issued for the conviction that he was effective.

Last October, the meaning of the ruling was announced, and on November 13 it was intended to read the sentence by Ramiro Marín, along with Julio Julio Sampedro. In this case, the magistrates Ariel Augusto Torres and Jorge Caldas were bereaved.


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