Saturday , June 10 2023

Nokia 6.1 is already upgraded to Android 9.0 in Mexico


Nokia is one of the brands most trusted by its users worldwide, the company began a year announcing that all its smartphones will be launched in 2018 and until announced would be part of the Android One programwhich Google has certified for teams that offer 2 year software updates and 3 year security updates, and includes a clean Android device.

And although Nokia has launched a very wide range of devices, in Mexico, we were left with the desire to try a lot of latest models, but the Nokia 6.1 official sales volume in our country is surprised. because the company has mentioned that the team has already begun to receive Android 9.0 with an update.

Nokia 6.1 is the second-largest company to receive the latest version of Android, as the first one was Nokia 7 Plus, which was presented a few weeks ago.

That would be Nokia with 5 rear cameras

What's new for Android 9.0 at Nokia 6.1?

One of the most important improvements is the new feature of the Adaptive Battery, which greatly improves machine autonomy, learns from each user and thus closes applications in the background that are not used.

We will also have app actions that are exclusive to the Google Pixel and Android One feature, which is designed to get things done faster by anticipating your next move and immediately showing the right action.

In addition to the new gesture navigation system, we also have slices that identify the information of your favorite programs to make them more accessible as needed.

We have performance improvements, but first and foremost, the introduction of artificial intelligence from device software, so your experience with Android 9.0 Mouse is likely to be satisfactory.

Do you have this device? Have you already updated Android 9.0 Pie?

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