Sunday , March 7 2021

Miss Universe for Peace and Politics: Gabriel Tafour does not dwell on themes

On the first day of Miss Colombia, Gabriel Tafur Náder, she did not have to avoid complicated questions about her fate for Miss Universe. Cali, who participated in the race to win more of the national beauty contest wreath (with 12 victories), gave the Atlantic blessings, talked about politics and even sent a "resistance" message to mobilized students to a country that needed more education.

Gabriel Tafour, a lawyer who came to Cartagena as a great lover and began to believe in a story that could rule with the comments of a nanny, made it clear that she was following the decision of the National Beauty Competition and now it does not take her dream to know whether she will take part in the Mis Universe.

"I have not thought about it yet, it's very early," he said with a laugh, reiterating that now his commitment is to leave the name of the country at a high level.

"I dreamed of representing my country internationally, regardless of the competition, as my college Miss Colombia's work exceeds the international competition, my mission to Colasia is a social commitment," said the new beauty ruler. When they questioned her about the "flaws" that took place at this time is her participation in Miss Universe next year, because it is the RCN Channel, which has a final opinion on the subject.

Microsoft's Colombian legal advisor also acknowledged a clear defender of peace and said that if she had the opportunity to speak to President Iván Duque, she would ask her not to leave her.

"All the Columbians have been victims of some form of violence, because our country was living in an armed conflict, I personally was a victim because my grandfather was kidnapped by FARC, so I'm happy because we finally see them regretting that we were solving Colombia," said 23 year old lawyer.

Other hobbies

In addition to attracting attention to its safe and strong response, something may have been influenced by the jury, the young Miss Colombia is a music lover, and from the age of 4 she is practicing piano and violin.

In addition, he joined his university volleyball team, because he was 18 years old.

Gabriel Tafour's problem as Miss Colombia is great. Not only because it might be the first sovereign of this contest, which does not participate in the Mis Universe, but because it is under the other queen, also valley shadows, and this year also led to Miss Colombia, her deputy Valeria Morales, whose participation in this Miss Universe year has already been approved.

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