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Mario Segal died, a man who inspired Nintendo for Super Mario


Mario Segale was the inspiration for the most famous plumber

Super Mario died real. Mario Segale, a man whom a popular hero was named

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Super Mario, died in 84 years. Segale was a successful Italian-American real estate developer in Washington, DC.

In the eighties he rented one of his shops to the company

America, who decided to name it as their new video game. In 1993 Segale spoke with The Seattle Times newspaper, which is considered his only public reference to his relationship with the iconic video game.

At that time, Super Mario just sold 100 million copies, making Nintendo one of the most profitable video game companies in the world. Sega laughed to the journalist: "I'm still waiting for my royalties."

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Super Mario was originally called Jumpman, while Nintendo decided that he wanted to give the person a special name. He was told that Minor Arakawa, who was entrusted with the task of installing Nintendo of America, was told that he was named a video game hero.

However, despite the nature of the animation, Segales Nicar emphasized that a person always avoided the celebrity and "wanted to be familiar with what he achieved in his life." "The news that he saw today in the construction industry is indicative of his extreme creativity," says the obituary. Segal leaves behind his wife Donna, four children and nine grandchildren.

The Mario series is often referred to as the most successful video game franchise ever. The latest plumbers adventure, Super Mario Odyssey, is currently the best-selling game on the new console.

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and has sold more than 12 million copies.

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