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"Latin America still has many opportunities for growth"


Analyzing the state of maturity by country, Chile first, then Peru and then Colombia. In Argentina, business development is slower

The business no retail trade Falabela to eata starring one strong transformationorn. The sale a Través no Internet to eatan causing it modifications in the méall no purchase and the companyna to eata prepared by about accept these challengeíos.

How toí what approve Gastons Bottazzini, for whom I assumeor how to Executive director the 1 no June, after 10 años in the signature a the what arrivedor about to lead the management corporate no Falabela Financial.

"Yes fine I am already I was half no Equipment what have got Come on developing the strategy no group what today we are to carry forward, in this one passageorn there is a challengeío no give it to continuity a everything what what they built a what long no the años. Why other half, the same to change what that's it to eata giving in the industry and the requirements no the for consumers the duty a take it things new a the table" said the executive power in one interview in Daily Financial.

"My missionorn direction forward have got speed up definitely the project. But mas what changes, have got one bigger intensity of in definitely strategies what already those were set up. Addendumas, everything the the process no increase no capital it was one half very much important in this one passageorn" añade.

The business only no to clarify a increase no capital in the what collector you$s550 millions, resources what that's it grantan mainly a the purchase no Lines and to development no the franchise no Ikea in Sudamaérich.

In how much a so paper a a level regional, I certify what "Yes fine already we are in seven país, in 150 in cities, in several markets recién we are mojandonos the legs. Then, one half no stamp what I'm looking for print out have got what see With consolidate how to the process no internationalizationorn in Latinoamérich"

También to eatan developing one strategy no ecommerce. "In the úthe last one años blow upaBamos a grow in financing, in cards, in products banking activity, in the development no Bank Falabela. In the direction forward the the aim to eata to transfer in cormo the business financial that's it integrra a this one ecosystem digital" added toor

"How much mas no ours business we have present in a país, mas lucky we have a tendency a to be in the it makes sense no what the affiliates that's it increase between sí Without embargo, not in all the país come to a grow and expand the business to same rhythm. Ours focus on where not there is a group great no chapterswhat have got Brazil, Uruguay and MéMexicohave got consolidate the headingorn what we have, mas what think in enter With new formats" indicationor the directive.

The chance no enter With new business the go a follow it evaluating in the time, in the measurement what that's it dé the chance.

"Chile, Colombia and Aboutú have got the país where we have the bigger the amount no formats and business, and where alsoas to eata present Lines. In for them markets we want priority the development no what what we call the ecosystem digital, what baphysically that's it translate in take advantage of the abilities magazineífeatures and technologicallyorgicas, ours brands the same, the business financial; everything about do it one proposal lot of mas strong a the clients" confidentor

In Colombia alsoén Come on Options no growth in centers commercial and have got grew up beautiful in openings no shops With store; those are one presence important With improvements no home. Weigh a this one, believe me what stillía there is room about follow it grows.

"Yes dovesébouquets what do it a analiza no status no due date With país, Chile to eata first of all, then Aboutú and afterés Colombia. considering this one, the chance mas strong no growth to eata in Colombia, where we have a business relative mas smallño what the no Chile and Aboutú, in a país relative mas great" do not careor

In how much a Argentina, said what to eatan "in a the process no opening no shops Sodimac, but ours focus on in how to país have got beautiful mas slow. The development no business financial have got has been mas slow; in shops With store same. How to have got what see With what the same volatility no the market not we are have got allowed gambling With a país what sí we believe what have got lot of potential. There is mas uncertainty no short due date what not we are have got allowed grow With the same strength"

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