Thursday , March 30 2023

La Guajira will generate wind energy for the state of Ecology


The Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) delivered the first license to produce wind power for the Alpha Wind Generation project, which will be developed in La Guajira.

ANLA Director Rodrigo Suárez Castaño stressed that the project would work with 65 wind turbines or turbines and an electrical substation that collects energy from the wind farm and then joins the national transmission system.

The ANLA Director stated that the license was shipped with approval of local communities living in the village of Limoncito in the municipality of Maicao.

It becomes the first wind energy project in which ANLA is involved and is currently processing other environmental license applications for two wind energy projects and three solar energy.

According to President Iván Duque's commitment to the Uriah Workshop Building Country, in which he stated that it would increase the involvement of non-conventional renewable energy in the country by at least 10%, 10 projects of the same type should be created.

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