Wednesday , September 22 2021

Iván Duque a Petro: The state will not commit acts of vandalism

Representative Iván Duque replied to congressman Gustavo Petro that the Colombian state will not tolerate acts of vandalism among student demonstrations.

Hercog repeated that his government is mission to protect the entire life, honor and assets of Colombia, a task that, in the opinion of the head of state, will not change.

"The Colombian state has a constitutional duty to protect the entire life, honor and property of Colombia, we have a duty to defend collective rights, we want to invite the public, if the protest is calm and constructive, "said Duque.

In addition, President Duque said: "We can never assume that there are acts of vandalism in protests From some people we are aware of the people behind these violent acts. "

Gustavo Petro asks for Iván Duque's musical taste

Petro accused the National Government through Twitter accounts pays vandals to attack members of state forces.

"Trickster: The government pays vandals to attack the police and they blame the students in the press to say that the students are vandals and so that people do not fight for education and VAT, do you let yourself be deceived? "says Peter's thief.

However, Duque warned in his speech "Construction State Seminar" in Leticia, Amazonas Region There are manifestations of violence aimed at intimidating the population.

Peter regrets that Bogotá's former vanguard is being paid

Situation according to Duke is presented in conjunction with university students, such as events that have registered you in the capital of the Republic, where some people attack RCN radio equipmentthrown into the fire ball.

"We must reject the expressions of some who have wanted to intimidate citizens to defend their position, this government is open to dialogue, because we have shown it every day and with such kinds of events as the "Building State Seminar""Said the president.

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