Tuesday , February 7 2023

Interventor will conduct a feasibility study on Hisgaur Bridge


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After the delivery of the document, the Adaptation Fund will decide whether to introduce administrative and legal measures.

Following the controversy caused by Hisgaur Bridge (Santander) due to structural errors Adaptation Fund He informed that he already has an auditor who draws up a report that will make it possible to find out the status of the job and its viability. (Lea Constructora confirms Puente Hisgaura Santander is "safe and stable")

The company explained that when it receives a message, it will continue to analyze and approve it with Invías in order to determine whether it has been received., Hisgaura Bridge to "Satisfaction". What determines whether it can be activated for vehicle traffic?

"With the exclusion of the two previous steps, if the receipt is unsatisfactory, the Adaptation Fund will take administrative and legal measures against the contractor and the person involved in order to protect the State resources involved and to guarantee compensation for possible losses incurreds ", explained the company.

According to Sacyr, the contractor from Hisgaura the the bridge is able to provide the service for which it was designed. He also said that they would submit the structure to the load test after receiving the appropriate authorization.

The construction company added that the "visual unlawfulness" of the work will be replaced by a metal fascia and that nothing will affect its stability and stability.

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