Tuesday , June 22 2021

Huawei launches Mate 20 in Bolivia with futuristic design

Huawei made tonight The new Huawei Mate 20 series, the smartphone family, which is a huge technological advancement in the industry, is becoming the top of its innovation in this industry.

"These devices are designed with the most advanced and powerful processing technology, so they will set new standards for high-end devices by 2018," said Luis Daniela Yarbnegaray, Marketing Director for Huawei Bolivia.

This series is driven by the most powerful processor made by Huawei – the Kirin 980. It was manufactured with an enhanced 7mn process that includes the Cortex-A76 processor and the Mali-G76 GPU, which offers unprecedented performance.

New technologies The 40W Huawei SuperCharge and 15W Wireless Quick Charge work together with high capacity batteries to offer the best battery life on a device.

The new Matrix camera system incorporates the new Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens, which allows the user to see and shoot more and more, thanks to the new macro photography capability.

The addition of the new Hyper-Optical Pattern on the glass on the back panel makes the game light and shadows, which brings a glittering optical effect that captivates the eyes.

The Matrix Camera System introduces an iconic haptic configuration that gives its personality, as well as a unique and recognizable visual identity at a distance.

The Mate 20 Series incorporates EMUI 9, the Huawei exclusive Android 9 Plus customization layer, which lets users easily and quickly enjoy all the entertainment and productivity features.

Futuristic design

This family of devices has Huawei FullView screens with a high correlation height and high-screen ratio. Compactly designed, it's easy to use with one hand only.

The design of the Mate 20 series reflects the beauty of nature. Namely, the Mate 20 Pro chassis is curved in eight corners, making it handy.

Matrix Camera System Configuration The Huawei Mate 20's back panel features a hole design with three camera points and a sensor surrounded by a polished metal frame.

The new Hyper Optical Pattern process on the glass rear panel allows you to create a sophisticated and delicate model that produces fluctuating effects that are also fingerprint-tolerant.

This device retains its appearance even when it is intensively used.

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