Wednesday , September 22 2021

He stole the data from the map on his ex and paid a trip to Paris with his new girlfriend Cuyo diary

Flowers at home, parking, taxes, premium TV channels, and even a service that "likes" Instagram in the program. All these publications are found on your map Angel Exford, a fraudster who starred in his former friend Michael Fehsfeld in England.

The husband also used his ex data to pay himself for a "break" to Paris with his current. That was his most serious mistake: for this purchase He was captured on October 5 at London's Gatwick Airport with his new girlfriend.

By midyear, Exford and Fehsenfeld had a short relationship for a couple of months. They separate the exit with another friendly pair. On that day The man claimed to have lost his wallet. His girlfriend lent him a card to pay for food, food and drinks.

"This was the last time I saw him personally," The woman wrote her Twitter account, whose story, which was published to alert other possible victims of deception, had already been distributed nearly 12,000 times.

One day after the appointment Fehsenfeld, on social networks, shared plans to go to the spa with another girl and blocked her ex. Later in the month Exford's account began to appear strange expenses. A woman discovered purchases with her card for 1200 pounds, for $ 1,500. Looking at the summary, there were several gifts to his former churches and, best of all, a trip to Paris, with the corresponding flight booking codes and passenger names: Michael Fehsenfeld and his current girlfriend.

With this evidence Exfords called his ex-boyfriend and was scolded by the person who used it. "I do not have a direct family in the UK, I'm 100% dependent on me, and I have people who are financially supportive in South Africa," he said. He also asked about one of his former purchases: "My hard work is worth getting" likes, "he concluded.

Fehsenfeld He was sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment and 150 hours of community work. In addition, he will have to pay compensation to his former partner.

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