Wednesday , September 22 2021

"Fight" between Carolina Soto and Mabel Cartagena

Back for weeks Carolina soto became the news after using their social networks to mention the dead sister of her dead, who died as a result of an accident at the deceased basin. Her photos and news shock her followers who support him with positive comments.

However this time, the hostess of the entertainment turned his attention to Instagram fans after was associated with several publications by Mabel Cartagena, who confirmed that Soto delayed one of his personal projects in his own home.

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According to several videos shared by the presentation RCN channel, she took the decorator's services to locate her apartment in Bogotá, who also began to do so with her new home in Cali. However, he pointed out that He introduced him to several colleagues, such as Laura Tobón and Carolina Soto, and now he has trouble with his house.

The latter was highlighted by Kartahenawho said that Soto is used by the decorator and therefore his house was temporarily suspended.

"I lent my decorator to several celebrities. I met with Carolina Sánchez in Bogota when she decorated the apartment with which she was there. Now that I came to Kali, he began to decorate the whole house, This is my turn a bit because every thing is beneficial", Said the head.

"I introduced her to Laura Tobon and Now Carolina Soto is using it and my house was stopped"Added Cartagena speaking to the camera with an animated filter on his face.

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Before this comment, Carolina Soto replied to her account and He told his colleague that he stopped "jealousy."

"This is Mabel Cartagena's report that yesterday I said that it was my fault that sleeping on the mattress because the decorator is very dedicated to me. Mabel leaves her jealousy, we are buying things, "Soto said in a statement.

Of course, it's important to note that both broadcasters made these videos and made this content funny and funny.. This "fight" was completely joke.

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