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Equity vs. Santa Fe: Semi-final result of the League Betplay and goals of the game – Colombian football – Sports


Santa Fe failed to translate the superiority he had on the field in the 78th minute, in the first half of the League semi-final against Equity. He ended up with a draw in the Techo team, and the classification will have to be resolved next weekend in El Campine.

Santa Fe had the opportunity to finish the first stage of the semi-finals not only with the lead, but with a wide goal difference. Goalkeeper Diego Novoa prevented this, and it was key for Equidad to save his life before the league final.

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Red had a brilliant opportunity to reply as Fabián Sambueza received a high ball from the right, striking the ball in the air.

The ” 10 ” from Santa Fe had not scored a goal in the entire phase against everyone and even at some point he reached the bench after DT Harold Rivera changed his position. He now became the main player in the “cardinal” scheme in the final, with two goals in the quarter-finals against Deportivo Pasto and another in the semi-finals.

Equidad, of course, had to change the script 0-1 against. Leandro Castellanos did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans.

Novoa, who is going through a great moment, avoided it by throwing shots from a medium distance, for example, from a distance from Sambuez, and also reacted hand in hand in the area, as if to say and think about the future as an opportunity to play for the National Team, which Carlos Cirroso has already played. in the microcycle he was called.

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The history of Colombian football says that nothing is easy in Santa Fe. And when he needed to get a bigger advantage, a game came to make the fans bite his nails and suffer, VAR with: Sambueza went to fight for the ball scratched and finally climbed John Edison Garcia.

He has been convicted in previous cases. And Judge Bismarck of Santiago confirmed this by looking at the screen and various camera shots at Techo. Red card in the 72nd minute and hold.

The Video Arbitration Court was also able to leave Equidad with 10. However, Referee Santiago considered that the elbow from Joan Castro to Velasquez was accidental and left him on the field.

The capital had not benefited the most from the man. After 89 minutes Pablo Sabbag made a speedy advance and dropped the ball to Matias Mier who shuffled it past the keeper. The game lasted three minutes while VAR reviewed the situation of the Uruguayan when he hit. It turned out to be legal, and thus Alexis Garcia’s team managed to reach a draw.

Santa Fe, the league’s best venue, will have the opportunity to settle its transition to a new final in El Campina. Maybe he deserved more than 1-1, but in this case football is not about merit, but with the goal, and Novoa avoided them.

Jose Orlando Asencio
Deputy Sports Editor

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