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Diabetes killed more women | Health | Magazine

Of the 4,906 deaths recorded in diabetes in Ecuador in 2016, 60% were women.

This chronic illness is the second leading cause of death in Ecuador after an acute myocardial infarction and is becoming increasingly rampant with females.

Why According to Paola Palacio Alcívar, an Alcívar Hospital Endocrinologist, women essentially have more body fat than men, which is easily lead to them due to overweight and obesity.

In addition, there are many women from the age of 30 and the baby's lifestyle, because when they have children, they have less time to train, neglected and weight gain at a young age, especially during lactation, when they consume more cereal gutting and swim in order to get more milk. The most tragic story is the arrival of a menopause. Stopping estrogen from women is not protected from 45 to 50 years.

Dr Cristina Béjar, a specialist in Internal Medicine at the University of Guayaquil, says diabetes is diagnosed more and more associated with an inadequate Ecuadorian diet.

"We are sedentary people with high carbohydrate intake, a lot of rice, noodles, fried chicken, mayonnaise, all of which causes overweight and changes glucose," – said the expert.

He added that post-menopausal mortality rates for chronic diseases in men are equivalent in men.

Béjar notes in detail that many elderly women have a convex abdomen, and the higher periphery of the abdomen is determined, the greater the risk of acute myocardial infarction. "Women should love a little bit if they have children, do not worry about their weight," he suggested.

She lowered her sugar

Dionysius Inocenta Piguave Alvarado was 64 years old and 6 years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes in Guayaquil Hospital. He admits that he ignored the advice of doctors and always had a high level of glucose, remained tired and dizzy.

Nine months ago her blood glucose level was 400 mg / dl, and when she saw herself at death, she decided to change her attitude to her illness.

Since then, insulin has been delivered, and the letter follows the dietary recommendations, which is why today it is stable.

"I am eating food, everything roasted, for example, less rice, boiled eggs and meat I prepare in water, I eat enough salads. I walk every day and I put insulin. Today I feel well," she told about the Guerrero del Fortín cooperative of the population.

Prevent complications

"From the core of the family, we need to learn to eat healthy. Only with good nutrition and everyday we will avoid diabetes complications," said endocrinologist Paola Duchi Jimbo, Guasmo Sur Hospital.

It does not arise, but it is controlled

For many people diagnosed with diabetes, find out if they have this disease, for example, to say a sentence. The idea that they are not able to eat whatever they want and that they are going to die suppresses them. But, although diabetes is a disease that can not be cured, it can be controlled and you can live with it for many years.

"If the patient takes care of himself, he will be successful in treating," said Dr. Palacio. If not removed, it will silently destroy the nerves and blood vessels that affect the eyes and kidneys. (F)


It is important for people to be educated about the health effects of diabetes and their quality of life.

Therefore, it is best to turn to a doctor often for preventive testing. "We have to work in education, especially since they are more cautious people with better habits," said endocrinologist Paola Palacio.

In addition to administering appropriate pharmacological therapy (tablets or insulin injections), diabetic patients should be monitored by a nutritionist who personalizes the diet. You should learn how to eat in a balanced way and in the right portions.

You should also be aware of the state of your kidneys by submitting Albino tests. Ophthalmic exams are crucial to discover if the disease affects the eyes. Do not pay attention to the appearance and health of the legs, the podiatrist will be responsible for nail care.

This is how we should eat every day

Ideally, there is no soup, but 50% is salad (fresh, unprocessed and cooked vegetables); 25% carbohydrate (rice, bread, pasta, green, potatoes, manioc, or other cereals) and 25% protein (lean beef, chicken, fish, turkeys, cheeses) and add water, not juice.

If you eat outside, because you work, check out the restaurant menu. Do not use soup, it is not necessary. Ask for salads, small rice (half a cup), not cooked, roasted, boiled or steamed.

In no other world do you drink juice, ask for a glass of water. If the salad is noodles, do not eat rice.

Today's activities

Luis Vernaz's Hospital today at noon during World Diabetes Day. From 07:00 to noon 12:00 offers a wide range of public free glucose tests, educational talks and bingo capital in the main audience.
The Alquivar Hospital and its Diabetes Club invite the community, patients with diabetes and their families to a medical conference on the treatment of hyperbaric drugs for diabetic and diabetic foot fever today at noon. 18:00 Free entrance, but you must register by calling 3720100 ext. 1493 and 1486. ​​Coronel and Cañar. (I)

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