Saturday , April 17 2021

Daniella Álvarez’s health condition: now she has problems with her right leg – Entertainment – culture

Without a link to his right leg, Daniella Álvaresa cannot move. Nevertheless, the former queen has ridden a bicycle, gone to the sea for a swim, danced and tried to live on after part of her left leg was amputated (down the road).

In recent hours, the model and the host have also contacted their followers via their Instagram account to tell them that the nerves in the tibia and femur are completely damaged. “Electromyography showed he had a very serious knee injury “Alvaress said.

“(…) Despite the fact that my right foot was in very good condition, it was not functional at the time, and the doctors told me that the safest way to use therapies, currents and exercises is that it will recover.” this has not been the case.

In March last year, Álvarez she underwent surgery for a small tumor that appeared in her abdomen, which was very close to the aorta and this artery was affected, which prevented a good blood supply to his lower extremities. Although several interventions were made, there was no solution, and on June 13, part of the left leg was amputated.

“Things are the way they are, not the way we want them to be. This is the reality of life, but only when we believe God, we have faith and hope that we understand that everything happens for some reason. Today I know what my life’s mission is, and I realized that God is making it a little harder for me to be able to show many people that what we have is more than enough to accomplish what I intended.“added Miss Colombia in 2012.

“I am happy and calm, because every day I get up, I decide to feel that way, because I am confident in my abilities and know that I will return to walking, dancing and sports, because there is nothing impossible for God and he never leaves me. my rehabilitation with people who give their best every day to help me. Thank them and to you who give me so much love and motivation every day. “

Álvaresa confirmed that she is calm and waiting to find out what will happen to her next.

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