Tuesday , February 7 2023

Dane issued a resolution to determine the price of drinks – Sectors – Economy


From a Danish resolution last Thursday, the retail price of liquids will be determined by field work in warehouses, supermarkets, department stores; Companies specializing in the purchase / sale of alcoholic beverages; neighboring shops, cigar shops; restaurants; hotels and bars.

The norm will take into account the classification of the drink, that is, if it is whiskey, brandy, wine, brandy and others. Brand, alcohol level, presentation to the public, country of origin, years and, in the case of wines, strain, variety and category will also be displayed.

This resolution, which took several days to comment from the public, is a way of eliminating the difficulties faced by the departments, according to which the formula for calculating sales prices on the basis of the price of the products affected the accounts because the regions received income to finance health, in particular beverage taxes.

Danish director Juan Daniel Oviedo said: "We do not understand how the previous Danish administrations did not recognize that the retail price was defined by Law 1480 (Consumers' Statute), it means that it already has to include all taxes and supplements associated with this benefit.

Thus, before the completion of each year, the company issues an administrative act to certify the price to be applied from 1 January of each year.


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