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Corficolombiana answers Jorge Pizano's findings

More than 24 hours after the so-called Odebrecht bribery in Colombia, he returned to public debate about the revelation of the recordings and a late testimony to Jorge Pizano, Corficolombiana issued a statement in which he states that the "controller" version is not "nothing new."

Corficolombiana, belonging to the Aval group, recalled that Corficolombiana SA had nominated Pizano and, in 2010, the dealership constituted Ruta del Sol SAS ("CRDS") as the "controller" for which it was tasked to conclude a concession contract. by mutual agreement with ANI. "

In a statement released on Monday by the UNO program, it was discovered that in 2015, the witness was informed by the then attorney group Nestor Humberto Martinez about concerns about violations and negotiations of some contracts, as he believed he would ultimately be prosecuted if the scandal was known.

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Corficolombiana also recalled that Grupo Aval had repeatedly explained that it was aware of the Pizan report in 2015, "in which he warned of some contracts made using the CRDS, which, in his view, seemed dubious as they mentioned duplication objects and works that were not done. "

However, he warned that "neither Dr. Pizano's report nor any other information that was known at that time did not allow that neither Dr. Pizano nor Corficolombiana nor anyone else could have argued that the contracts and payments made for these reasons were involved in bribes that Odebrews, who in December 2016 acknowledged that he was committed to guaranteeing the award of the Ruta del Sol II concession contract, as has already been said several times, that Corficolombiana had suspected in 2015 that the report received was that CRDS controllers the shareholders illegally obtain from the company's funds. "

And according to Nestor Humberto Martinez, who later became the National Attorney General, Pizano sought her as a friend and, in order to take advantage of his proximity to Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, the head of this powerful financial conglomerate, to send him this information and also knew about the situation because " the administration stopped him ".

The Corfikolombiana continued its defense, stating that "since the explanations given by Odebrecht, who never accepted the illegality of contracts and subsequent payments, Corficolombiana requested that Odebrecht, the CRDS controller, remit unjustified payments. As Dr Nestor H. Martínez said, he was entrusted with developing the Odebrecht contract to reimburse the CRDS for payments that were ultimately not explained in Corficolombiana's satisfaction until the end of the month March 2016 and was implemented by the well-known Transaction Agreement between Odebrecht, Episol and Corficolombiana. "

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This fact was also highlighted in the defense at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Martinez, who posted a statement on Tuesday, citing news findings, noting that on the basis of the Pizan report "the consortia reached an agreement under which Odebrecht was obliged to reimburse the consortium of Ruta del Sol for the disputed contracts at $ 33,000 million. To this end, I entrusted the drafting of the deal with the warning that the Brazilian company did not recognize that such payments were illegal, because I was told that they had submitted an international audit company report in this respect. , but the fact that, in order to maintain the association agreement, it has returned to this renewal.

Other protagonists

Although several versions are aware of what happened with the Ruta del Sol II sector, they are continuing research involving the other, signed to add the Ocaña-Gamarra road, to which the former National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) president Luis Andrade has been linked; from the statement of objections that the former industrial and commerce manager Pablo Felipe Robledo has issued against a number of concessionaires, including Odebrecht, Corficolombiana, Episol and Aval, has been the subject of an agreement on anti-competitive practices, has been very uneven.

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The arbitral tribunal, which was appointed to resolve the economic disparities between the ANI and the concessionaire, was also a tricky process. The first arbitrators decided to resign, and the next court was set up by the judges selected by the party. Before the death of Pizana, Jorge Arango died who was in court, and in the last weeks he was nominated for his replacement by Jorge Enrique Ibáñez.

On the other hand, Amparo Cheron, a prosecutor in Chile, has failed to crash in a car accident and is still losing weight.

The accident at the prosecutor's office should be accompanied by the death of Alehandro Pizano, the son of Jorge Pizano, who died of narcotic drugs with cyanide, as confirmed by Legal Medicine to consume water from bottles found at the end of his father's desk, who suffered from cancer. The fact was also a new criminal investigation into two deaths.

Everything shows that the arbitration will be at the final stage of the investigation and will be key to determining how the contract will be concluded. At the same time, Odebrecht has contacted the Colombian control agencies to submit compensation offers in exchange for inviolability. Preserves the Brazilian Multinational Demand against Columbia.

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