Monday , February 6 2023

Catalina Gómez is changing networks with her own navel


Catalina Gómez was one of the most controversial members of the latest version MasterChef with constants the confrontation he had with the actor Carlos Hurtado and the rivalry that he had Estefanía Borge.

Her culinary talent led her to the final stage of the cooking contest and placed her as a One of the favorites for the various dishes that are offered in the competition. The new former protagonist's creativity and recipes stand out in reality.

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Gómez is also recognized in social networks, thanks to its sensuality and sculptural structure. However, in the past few days, the leader was the center of commentary from several followers They claimed that she had no belly button.

In the picture you can see Catalina wearing a blue swimsuit, wet hair, combed back and his abdomen completely exposed. Due to the structure and care of his body, which is his figure, the umbilical can not be precisely defined.

Among the comments, internet users said that it was Photoshop's work related to digital retouching, drawing, and even a hypothesis about liposuction is possible.

Observing the views of his navel in the rain, Catalina Gómez He decided to answer some with a touch of humor. Despite the idea of ​​some comments, he eventually made it It seemed "ridiculous" that people thought it only about a photo.

"I have no!", "It was removed to me, it hurt me"," Truly, how funny. Do you lose your desires? "Are there some responses published by the author in user comments.

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Regarding the criticisms and comments made on the potential for fat loss, the former cooking competitor strongly responded and He said that he did not need action to get these results in his body.

"In your misfortune, I did not understand it with lipo, but with genetics, sport and discipline. I see that you think that the beauty or benefit of others is to be transmitted. Do not wait for the money to build a lipo, rather a train and accidentally stop saying without knowing"Gomess wrote in his post.

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