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Boca Juniors, designed by Wílmar Barrios, should be designated at the Monumental Stadium


End of heart attack? Yes.

With four Columbians on the field, Boca Juniors and River Plate divided the ceremonies, attracting yesterday's 2: 2 at La Bombonera, in the first round of the Copa Libertadores finale.

They had a 90-minute confrontation called "The End of the World". Give even a game that saw the plug, pressure, sequence, good game and the best: 4 gates.

Ramón Abila (min.34) and Darío Benedetto (45) scored goals, while Lucas Pratto (35) and Carlos Izquierdoz won their visit (61).

Roundtrip, well played fragmentary, was also the last one that Benedetto could say in favor of 93, but not well-defined goalkeeper with goalkeeper Franco Armani.

The last one is open. The return game will be on El Nouvez at El Monumental de Núñez on November 24 next year. 3 afternoon

The soccer world continues with great hope that this result will be a unique and unprecedented match.

To do this just because of La Bombonera, the two most important Argentinian teams in Argentina will be looking for a fame return game.


Wílmar Barrios, born in Cartagena Candelaria, went to eat the court from the historic game of the first game minute. He knew what was played, so La Candelaria wanted to be the leader in the main area and thus stop the river attack.

In 36 and 38, Vilmars made two important savings that avoided his target danger. In general, he was the first to behave well, where he had precisely marked the situation when the situation required it.

Barrios performed in the second half, as he worked as a defensive player, and when he had a ball on his feet, the ball was presented in good shape.

At Santos Borre's 15th minute, he climbed into the air, nodded, and almost got it, but goalie Rossi sent it on the corner kick.

The 39th minute was clear again, but in a mess with Rossi Santos, he was sent out.

After 45 minutes, Columbia scored a mark and allowed Benedetto's crown to become Boca 2-1. He received a yellow 75 minutes and the game is lost due to the accumulation of cards.

Sebastian Villa, who was not very active in the first half, saw a yellow card on the 42th minute to attack his opponent.
But in 45, Villa took a masterful bad and Benedetto sent her to sleep at the head of the net 2-1. He left the field for 72 minutes when Carlos Tevez was released.

Juan Fernando Quintero: Entered in 75 minutes with El Piti Martínez. He brought a break when he needed the game.
Edwin Cardon (Boca Juniors) was focused, but yesterday he was not among the alternates and saw the game from the stands. It's a weird queried technician Barro Shhelotto.

Willmar's family, not disturbed by faith

In El Recreo, the neighborhood where Cilia, the grandmother of Wímar Barrios lives, was good energy.

Bílmara Boca Juniors, family and boyfriend banners, whistles, flags, t-shirts and hats were completely enjoyed by this game that allowed the series to open.

Rafa Barrios, father of Wílmar, said: "I saw my pelao well in my first international finals. He took the box and won the El Monumental in the second game. After all, we could win the truth, but we did not do it. The tie was not fair to me, we returned with everything. "

Cilia Martinez, who was at the forefront of Wílmar's upbringing, added: "I saw the game a little bit, because when I was nervous when I was with a grandson, I would suffer a lot, I really did not really focus on the game. On the other side, I saw that he was lucky. is a tough game, I hope they can be champions when returning. "

Doña Cilia is faith intact. "Wílmar always wanted, though, and at a distance we are very happy about him. In the name of God, he will be the champion in Boca Libertador."

Rafael Barrios Jr., brother of Wílmar, watched the game carefully. "I saw him very concentrated because he was one of the highest in the middle, he recovers the much needed balls. Boca is preparing to play the final, I believe that the championship will win."

Barrios's house also included Miriam Solís, the mother of Jefferson Lerma, and Wílmar's teammate in the Colombian team.

"I really enjoyed what Vilmārs did in the final, hopefully and will continue the same. Both teams are good, they trust God, Wílmar will be champion," said Doña Miriam, who is currently visiting Cartagena.

Everyone is awaiting the next game faithfully.

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