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"Before we were a rapporteur, now we are rubble"


"The most important thing in exile is to solve something normal," says Leonardo Padrón, referring to the opportunity to resume his work and write his first international drama Amar Muerte, who debuted in style and received the greatest melody in Mexico where he lives – through the Televisa network as well between the United States and Hispanic audiences using Univisión. Thus, the Crown has been a successful career for more than 20 years, which led him to be a successful librettist in Venezuela and now goes beyond the boundaries with the beginning that better fruits have not been able to provide.

– "Amar muerte" in Mexico and the United States began with a very good foot, which components do you think lead to this success?

– I believe that the hope was created thanks to a set of elements: the theme, cast, promotional pictures. I assume they have assumptions. Everyday in this industry is amazed. Nothing is written on the stone.

– How radical it turned out that addressing such an unusual topic in telenovelas, what is after death?

– As risky as a stimulant. We, writers, always talk about death. We try to understand it with words. From where we come and where we go, these are the main issues of man. "To love to death," is asking about this mystery, which is trying to answer so many religions and people's beliefs. Is life after death? Does the soul survive us? What will happen if we have the second chance? All of these issues are explored throughout the series, based on the story of Colombian writer Julio Jiménez "En cuerpo ajeno" and included in other cases. This is a very strong argument to which I have added other elements to further measure it.

-Do you want to focus on designing and developing a project, while living in a tragic situation like exile?

– The most important thing in an exile situation is to get something normal. And, above all, your workflow. It was so much for me that I got this opportunity. And I accept it with the firmness and responsibility that it needs. Exit wounds I try to keep in.

– What are the differences and similarities between the Mexican television industry and our company when it comes to our work?

Differences? Many. Another market, other public, other cultural values. Another production system Something is also notorious: I do not know most of the participants. I had to rely on my proposals with W Studios and Televis. But the story is always written in the same rudiments, here and in Australia.

– What is the distance between "Amores de fin de siglo" and "Amar a muerte" by Leonardo Padrón?

– They have been more than 20 years old. Many sailors, right? In my opinion, there are a bit more skills, more knowledge management about marketing tricks and a better understanding of what can or can not be achieved. At the same time, television has changed a lot. What is counted and how it is counted in Venezuela, before we were a pioneer, an avant-garde, a reference. Now we are debris. So he's been playing invented in a very different context. I did not expect it.

– He said that the telenovela is a window that draws attention to the reality of the state, how does Amar a Muerte try in the case of Mexico?

– Along with the story of love and the sweetness of the human soul's abundance issue, I also wanted to increase the incidence of journalism in Mexico. This is one of the most dangerous places in the world to carry out this profession. Journalists are constantly threatened, raped, tortured or killed by drug cartels. I have the whole piece that embodies this theme.

– Do you think soap opera Venezuela has been over for a long time at its culmination, and nothing that appears at the end of the word?

– Not even a high level. The state has included the morass as trackless, because it is upset. This is the most dangerous thing that could happen to us. These people were no more urgent than surviving, and the voice of protest was erased due to fear and repression.

– What will you end up writing about this telenovelle?

– The class is over. Where villains pay for their crimes, and good people regain their perfection. I think that a happy ending has never been so desirable. The difficulty of time has been excessive. We all want to see the end of this dreadful dictatorship. See the roads, ports and airports that collapsed in the tsunami from people returning home. See section "business santamarías opening". Water goes out of the pipes. Giant trucks that fill the food market. Music Hugs National Day Ka.

– How many departments do you think are missing?

– I have a time with injured optimism. The logic of the opposition leaders is so much that such a strong word as "hope" is full of holes and dents. The tyranny, on the other hand, takes care only to maintain strength in the most unfavorable way possible. Some chapters are still missing.

– A Mexican critic is like us, is it different?

– I still do not know at all. I was struck by only one critic who angryly claimed that the teleseries were first in the United States, not Mexico. Nationalist intruder. But he did not even stop to find out the reasons.

– How much was your mother's death and there was no chance to come to her to say goodbye to her?

– It is one of the wounds that I will not fulfill the regime. Like me, this situation has happened to many people. It's a pain without words.

– Are you exiled or self-deceiving?

– Excuse yourself? It was not my plan. I have already mentioned the circumstances. One of the attributes of all tyranny is to decide on the fate of other people.

– Do you always live outside Venezuela or are you sure that you will return under the right conditions to live here?

– Of course I will come back. Millions will come back. Others will undoubtedly make life and stay far. But I never give Venezuela my hopeless fate.

– Where is poetry in a situation like the one who lives?

– one of your favorite places, which is silence and observation. Everything is sedimentary, until it finds its way to breathe through words.

– Has a critique of reality left the poet?

Not necessarily Poetry helps me understand better. Poetry is constantly questioning reality. He shakes it. He criticized him. He feeds him. Poetry is always an impediment.

-Mariaca Semprún in this situation was your best tear and emotional support?

He has been my great companion. My valuable support. Treasure Everything would have been very different if we did not have it. No one, for example, a couple, is to navigate this storm of exile.

– What would you like to write after Amar Muerte?

– Between what I want and what it is about, let's release now for what it affects.

"Is he one of those who love death?"

-Low is the abyss, always. Therefore, sometimes their failure resembles the death of vertigo. But if I'm honest, the only place where dying for love is in literature.

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