Saturday , February 27 2021

Apple Watch is already the official Spotify app

The Spotify app comes to the Apple Watch, and now it's official.


Spotify launched a formal application on Tuesday Apple Watch, ending with the lack of an app since the creation of this smart watch in 2015.

The Spotify application is now available from this Tuesday and you only need to update the Apple Watch Spotify app. Spotify for the iOS version that includes the Apple Watch app is 8.4.79 and it's about a few weeks after Spotify has also reached watch with Google Wear OS.

Spotify's official availability for Apple Watch takes place shortly after the app began to reach some registered users in closed beta from the iOS app.

The Apple Spotify Smart Clock app offers almost all the features that one might need, except for downloading music using the local storage at the clock. Users can listen to music without an iPhone connected to Bluetooth (but use cellular clock data), search for music, add songs to the upcoming list, or listen to podcasts.

Spotify's Wear OS does not allow download site tracks, but the company said it will work to add more features to enable this feature to come in the near future. Spotify in Apple Watch runs both for users of the free version of the service and for an individual or family-based paid version.

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