Thursday , March 4 2021

An oral cavity can cause cervical cancer, so experts say

2013 American actor Michael Douglas married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Surprised the world in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian He testified that his throat cancer diagnosed three years ago It developed by linking human papillomavirus (HPV) with oral sex.

Although shortly thereafter, one of the Douglas agents denied these allegations, it has actually been seen that warnings for oral sex have already been turned on, but not only in the case of the actor, but also many other rumors. Just go to the internet and read all the theories about a topic that's still torn between myth or reality.

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Myth or reality?

Among the growing rumors, FM was in touch Do not sexologist Neryda Lacera who said that the reality is that it is not a myth. "It is possible that oral sex can be caused by cervical cancer due to the transmission of human papillomavirus, but it is important to find out that there are more than one hundred types of HPV virus and only a part of them are carcinogenic, that is, they have cancer, most of them is benign, "he said.

The expert stressed that according to some studies, it is considered that 80% of people who are sexually active, "have been or have been subjected to, and subsequently disappeared, human papillomavirus". The causes of some of these viruses are unknown. they develop and develop cancer, but cases of this happen to be equivalent to a smaller number. "

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It is important to emphasize that, although oral sex may, to a certain extent, lead to the transmission of the papilloma and ultimately lead to neck cancer, it is not entirely convincing. According to Lacera, foot and tongue cancer has a smaller statistical proportion than neck cancer. "In this sequence of ideas, it should be thought that oral sex should also increase the incidence of these cancers, so it can not be safely stated that it will cause neck pain or scars for itchy cancer," he said.

Tobacco and alcohol vs. oral sex

According to a sexologist, although it is possible, statistically it can not be said that there is an increased or moderate risk of developing thoracic cancer due to oral sex. However, studies have shown that HPV is present Throat cancer is more likely to be related to tobacco and alcohol consumption. "These two are the first cause of throat cancer, and then there is a human papillomavirus that is transmitted through oral sex," he added.

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Are men or women more vulnerable?

Do not see Lacera commenting Men have a higher incidence of throat cancer. "Perhaps because they historically have consumed more tobacco and alcohol, and because it is believed that the female genital organs are spreading more. So men who have sex with women are more likely to get human papillomavirus, "he said.

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As regards protection, it is first recommended to reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption,It is desirable to have a monogamous partner, that is to be faithful to his girlfriend, and if he wants to go further, use a condom. It is an effective method and, like in Colombia, no female condom has been found, this can be done by reducing the condom, opening it and placing it on the vulva, thus preventing not only the transmission of the virus, but also any other sexually transmitted infection.

Finally, a sexologist calls for panic and rejection of oral sex forever. Since you are healthy and have protection, you can enjoy divine sexuality.

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