Tuesday , February 7 2023

A person should be a lawyer to face a detainee


The police took a man who was using false identification, tried to get into the cell lines of Kali and contact one of the detainees.

It's about Rigoberto Viveros Zapata who was arrested, according to the prosecutor's office, in an attempt to enter a police station in the district of Aguablanca in Los Manos district with false documents, arguing that legal representative of the caught.

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Viveros Zapata came to the facilities and showed the lawyer identification before security filters, possibly helping someone who was in one of the prisons. After observing supposedly a lawyer, institutions they discovered irregularities and they decided to issue a document to Sijín dokumentología laboratories.

Once there, it was possible to determine that the data recorded professional card on behalf of José Rangel Monsalvodoes not coincide with the person who presented them (Rigoberto Viveros Zapata)

As known, The image of Viveros Zapata appears on the map, but named Rangel Monsalvo. In addition, it is 25 April 1959 as the date of issue of the document and the date of birth on 28 January 1965.

To provide change identity, military personnel who received fake documents they picked up prospective lawyer's footprints and confirmed that it is defend the lawyer Monsalvolocated on the Atlantic coast.

About these facts the man was arrested and moved to the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) and at the hearing the prosecutor's office charged him with fees false public document use, before a criminal court dictated to him preventive guarantee measure in the center of the prison.

Authorities are working to determine the male intent of trying to contact one of their detainees, who are their lawyer, and also to make sure that the replaced lawyer has knowledge of the facts.

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