Monday , March 8 2021

A Japanese man married a hologram

Akihiko Kondo's mother rejected an invitation to the only son's wedding in Tokyo in the last month, but perhaps it's not surprising: she is about to get married with a hologram.

"For my mother, this is not something worth celebrating," says the 35-year-old man, whose "wife" is a virtual reality singer named Hatsune Miku. In fact, none of Konda's relatives attended his wedding with Miku, drawing a 16-year-old anime with eyes like sub-tanks and long blue ponies. But it did not interrupt the Congo expense of two million yen ($ 17,600) in an official ceremony in Tokyo.

Approximately 40 guests saw him to be given "I do" to Miku, and it's filled up as a cat.

"I never get it, I'm always in love with Miku," she told AFP the week after the wedding. "I think about it every day."
Kondo lives in March with a Mike hologram moving and talking from a desktop device worth $ 2,800.

Kondo is considered a married man like any other. His wife-hologram wakes her morning and says "good-bye" when he goes to work as an administrator at school. In the afternoons, when he told the telephone that he was returning home, she turned on lights. Then it cautions when it's time to sleep.

He lay beside Mike's version of the wedding who was wearing a wedding band at the left hand.
Kondo does not care that his marriage has no legal basis. He even took Micka to the jewelry store to buy the ring.
In addition, Gatebox, a company that manufactures a hologram device in which Miku flies, issued a "marriage certificate" stating that a person and a virtual character are married to "outside the size".

Kondo is not the only one and, according to him, Gatebox has issued more than 3,700 "interdimensional" marriage certificates.

Condo's path to Mike came after a series of complicated encounters with women when he was an anime-crazy teenager. "The girls used to say" Go, opaku disgusting! "He remembers using followers of the Japanese word for anime, who may have a connotation. Negative Being older, he says that a previous member of the work offended him until provoking him for nervous depression and decided that he would never marry.

Now that would not be unusual for Japan. In 1980, only one out of 50 men reached the age of 50, never married. Currently, this ratio is one in four.
But eventually Kondo realized that he had loved Mika for more than a decade and decided to marry her.

"Miku is a woman I love, and also one who saved me," he says.
And while Kondo admits he likes to be friends with a "woman for 3D", she is not interested in romantic relationships with the real. Two-dimensional characters can not be misleading, old or dying, he says.

Even in a country obsessed with anime, the Kondo wedding surprised many people. But he wants to be recognized as a "sexual minority" who can not imagine getting acquainted with a real woman.
"It's not fair, just as expecting gays to have dates with a woman or a lesbian relationship with a man," he says.

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